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For the Weekend: The Share Happy Ice Cream machine

June 26, 2010

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Here’s an interesting development for vending machines, particularly of the ice cream variety. I know it isn’t really arcade related but it’s sort of coin-op related and who knows if such technology could have a gaming application in the future. The Share Happy Ice Cream machine is an interactive vending device that uses cameras and face recognition technology to tell what emotion is on a person’s face when they approach the machine. If you can give it a big enough smile, you get a free ice cream snack.You can also have your smile shared on Facebook, thus giving such machines a new social networking element.

[Sapient Nitro – Share Happy Project]

Ice cream crane game

July 17, 2008

Now if the good old British summer would sort itself out, this new crane could do well!

[via Highway Games]
(Image provided by The Stinger Report)

Atlus has developed the first ever crane machine designed to contain ice cream prizes. The machine, Triple Catcher Ice -25C, uses the latest freezing technology to maintain a temperature of -25C to ensure that the ice cream remains solid enough to avoid harm from play.

The machine can be played by four people at once, with four separate areas where the ice cream prizes are held.

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