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The new Vewlix F

June 27, 2010

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The cabinet above is the new Vewlix F. Can’t tell the difference between that and the standard Vewlix? That’s because there almost isn’t any. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, Hori, this new Vewlix is “almost identical” to Taito’s Vewlix except that this has some different “maintenance parts”. For 498,000¥ (about $5,500USD) it doesn’t seem like the changes really affect the price, especially for a cabinet without a board but it’s got the Vewlix name so you know you’re getting quality for that much at the very least.

UPDATE: Thanks for Fubarduck int he comments for clearing up a few things about this. It’s actually a more expensive version of the original Taito cabinet, it appears that all they have added is the ability to connect a console to this unit but for an extra, hefty price.