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Dream Arcades launches their DreamCade Vision 120

November 27, 2007


Hot on the heels of the Voyager Arcade news comes this press release about Dream Arcades’ new DreamCade Vision 120 which packs 145 classic games onto a MAME PC along with a pre-built control panel that also includes a projector that produces a 120″ screen and includes hookups for your favorite game console as well (they go out of their way to mention that it includes special support for the Wii, including a sensor bar). Seeingkids.jpg how this unit is intended solely for home use, it’s safe to say that they probably don’t have to worry about any lawsuits coming their way. The Dreamcade Vision 120 is selling for a mere $4000 and will begin shipping in 4 weeks. Photoshopped Christmas tree not included (see pic to the left) 😛

Personally I’d like to see these entrepreneurs take the incentive to go to the next level with these ideas and get someone to create some original content for their cabinets that they could resell to operators. That or work out a deal with Microsoft to bring certain titles that show up on XBLA to a real cabinet that anyone could play at an arcade.

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