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New games from the Sega Private Show 2010 in Japan

June 27, 2010

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Every year Sega Japan holds a “private” summer show where they give select persons a view of some of the new content that they are bringing to arcades later that year. But it’s only private in the sense of it being limited to who gets an invitation as every year sources reveal the content from that event. The most recent show took place on Saturday and we now have a look at a few new arcade products in development although it is likely that they will not get any official support internationally.

First off, Sega introduced the latest title in the Sangokushi Taisen series of games, the card-based Samurai Wars or Warring States. It turned out to be the main attraction of the show and is scheduled for a Japanese release in November. The artwork on the cards themselves is quite detailed and I like the concept behind this game as it’s something different for arcades but these kind of games tend to stick to the Japanese market. Here’s an in-game shot from the official website. You can read about how the game works here at

Next up is Sega Card Gen MLB 2010. I was originally excited about this unique game when it was first shown at AMOA 2009 in the US and it was later seen on location test at a Gameworks in Illinois. Since then we have only seen the game in Japan, so it’s likely that this didn’t test well (or perhaps there is another reason holding it back – it was originally supposed to launch in the Spring). The game was at this show and here is the first nice shot I have seen of the screen up-close. Most of the game is still in English so maybe there is still a glimmer of hope that Sega will still release this in the US (not sure how popular baseball is in Europe for a release there). In case you missed our previous coverage on this game, you can go here, here and here.

Even though the new Virtua Fighter 5 is scheduled to find it’s way to Japanese arcades this summer, they didn’t have a cabinet on display at the show. But they did demonstrate a knockout trial mode in a video.

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Videos of Sega's Heat Up Hockey

September 19, 2009

[Via AM Net and Gigazine]

One game I have really been wanting to see in action from JAMMA would be Sega’s new Heat Up Hockey and fortunately we have some videos of the game now.  Enjoy

Videos of Sega’s Heat Up Hockey

September 19, 2009

[Via AM Net and Gigazine]

One game I have really been wanting to see in action from JAMMA would be Sega’s new Heat Up Hockey and fortunately we have some videos of the game now.  Enjoy

Sega shows off more Heat Up Hockey

September 9, 2009


When I posted about the innovative Heat Up Hockey game a short time ago, there was one crucial piece of information missing on the game – who was releasing it? We happen to know that now and it’s none other than Sega. Heat U Hockey changes the dynamic behind the classic game by adding a video projector that is placed perpendicular to the playfield and the game involves hitting virtual targets with the puck (as you can see in more detail by clicking on the images below). HUAH will be making an appearance at the upcoming JAMMA show in Japan.

huh2 huh3

While many games shown at shows like JAMMA will not see a general release outside of Japan, I don’t see any reason why HUH couldn’t since air hockey is a game that is universally understood by players everywhere and something like this adds an innovative angle to air hockey, enough so that I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll soon see other companies taking a crack at the same idea.

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Heat Up Hockey adds a new dimension to air hockey

August 15, 2009


Of all the games I have purchased for my own arcade, one of the best investments I made was in an air hockey table. While I didn’t get anything fancy, I did get something that worked and people of all ages love it. When visiting arcade shows like ASI and AMOA, you can find several vendors showing off the latest ideas in what they are doing with the idea heatuphockey2behind air hockey and I liked tables I saw by ICE and Barron Games. But I have not seen anything quite like Heat Up Hockey, which is currently being tested in Japan.

Heat Up Hockey takes the air hockey table and adds video projection onto the playfield. Graphics that are produced by the projector will interact with the puck and players will need to hit virtual targets to score points. It’s a great idea that applies concepts that I have seen before using somewhat similar setups with robots, but it seems like combining this with air hockey goes naturally and I really hope that it will see a release in markets outside of Japan. Where players already gravitate towards air hockey, throwing a video game onto that can only heighten player interest in the game.

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