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Namco brings Gundam Extreme Vs. to the Kyarahobi 2010 Show

September 1, 2010

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What better place to give the public their first chance to play a new Gundam video game than an expo dedicated to anime and the hobbies surrounding it(known as the Kyarahobi 2010 Expo). Gundam Extreme Vs. was first unveiled at AOU 2010 and with it’s release coming up at the end of this month, Namco is keen to get the game out there into the public view. It will certainly be at the JAMMA show next week but for fans of the anime Gundam series they had a chance to play against Namco reps on the game, as shown above. At the show the game’s producers wer eon hand to answer questions and dive into the games features. While I don’t know of any plans for Namco to give this an official release outside of Japan, there’s always a good chance that someone could import it for play.

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Namco shows off Gundam Extreme Versus (UPDATED)

April 30, 2010

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At AOU 2010 Namco Bandai said that they were working on a new Gundan arcade title, called Gundam Extreme VS. At the time they didn’t reveal many details about the game, although we found out it would use the PS3 powered System 357 hardware. Today Namco held a press event for the game and revealed much more about it, including a number of screenshots and game details.

First we see that the game will use same style of HD cabinet that Namco used for Tekken 6. At least four cabinets can be linked up for multiplay and they also will have a “Live Monitor” unit which is the sort of thing you see every now and then in Japanese arcades, which allows a larger group to see what’s going on. The monitor can not only split the screen four ways to show what is currently going on in the game, it also records play from the past 100 matches for players to watch as well. It also works as a terminal for managing player data saved on IC data cards. With a 42″ display, it’s sure to be an essential addition to any arcade with several Gundam units.

Dengeki Online says that the basic rules of the game from the most recent  Gundam VS. game hasn’t changed. Other than that, here are a few pics to drool over. Why is it that only Japan gets the pleasure of having arcade games made where robots demolish each other?

"I like big guns and I cannot lie..."

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UPDATE: Namco has already announced two location tests for the game in a little over a week and they have a teaser site for the game available.