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Konami details their AOU line-up

January 29, 2010

Thanks to and Aaron Auzins for the info.

EAG and ATEI aren’t the only shows to talk about in the arcade world these days as AOU in Japan is coming up before too long in Februrary. In anticipation for that show, Konami has launched a new site showing off the goods that they plan to bring to the show. Most of the products are bemani-related – DDRX2, GuitarFreaks XG (which appears to have a pretty awesome sound system), DrumMania XG and a new entry to Jubeat called Jubeat Knit (remember that outside of Japan this one is called UBeat or Jukebeat depending upon the version).

Outside of the bemani realm Konami also has a tile game called Tenkaichi Shogikai, Quiz Magic Academy VII and Mahjong Fight Club.

Of course one thing we are all curious about is where is Metal Gear Arcade? As this was announced at E3 last year, replete with photos of the cabinet, I had expected something by now. But the AOU page does have a big “Coming Soon” pic that could indicate MGA – or something else. At least the show is only a few weeks away so we’ll know soon enough.

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Guitar Freaks and DrumMania go XG

August 13, 2009

[Thanks to Phil for the tip!]

Konami isn’t letting up on their bemani upgrades and now Guitar Freaks (the guitar video game before Guitar Hero) and DrumMania (kind of the same in regards to Rock Band) are getting some nice updates with Guitar Freaks XG and DrumMania XG. Both games will sport new controls (GF will have five frets now; DM will be a 7 piece drum kit) and sleek HD monitors that will probably need to be calibrated by the operator to make up for LCD lag. We’ll have to wait for more info but in the meantime here is a low-quality video of DMXG on location test.

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