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Global VR ATEi 2008 Impressions

January 27, 2008


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Global VR have impressed me of late. Not just because they appear to be emerging as one of the big amusements videogame developers, not just because of the variety of games that they have in thier stable now, but because of the price they are releasing thier games at. What ever the industry, there is nothing better than some one coming in and mixing it up with the established companies. A lot of this has to do with deals they have in place with EA and Ubisoft, arguably two of the biggest consumer video game developers around. This allows them access to a huge variety of consumer games that are ripe of arcade conversion.

Now to the games on show at ATEi 2008. Probably the biggest showing on the stand hand to be the debut of Blazing Angels, a console conversion of an early 360 title. Now I haven’t played the console game, and whether or not this will hinder or help my judgement of the arcade game I don’t know, but here’s my opinion anyway.

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(More pictures after the break)