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So a Chicago Bulls Dancer and a Cagefighter walk into an arcade and…

August 11, 2010

Pic from a video shoot at Raw Thrills

On Raw Thrills’ Twitter feed yesterday, they posted a link to a picture showing a Chicago Bulls Dancer working on a video shoot for something that they are working on. This video shoot also includes a cagefighter from New York. So who wants to guess what these two have to do with each other and how they might fit into a game? Could be doing some last minute filming for Super Bikes 2 as I saw that it reused the crowds from previous games like Tokyo Drift. Or it could be something else – they have filmed people before for use in games like Big Buck Hunter and Safari and Target: Terror but this doesn’t look like it fits into any of those games. Either way it’s rare to see any photos being shared of the behind-the-scenes work in an arcade game in it’s development but we should find out what it’s for soon enough.

BTW- RT has confirmed that all of the original tracks from the first Super Bikes will be in SB2.

UPDATE: More pics from Raw Thrills’ Facebook page. These are definitely for the new Super Bikes 2.


Students in India start-up new company to make arcade titles

February 16, 2009

When it comes to places where arcades are bucking the downturn trend, India is one place that is making waves on that map, as we have previously reported. And perhaps thanks to that, arcade development in that country is also starting to increase, as seen in this story where two students spent all of their time building an arcade gamamachine for a contest instead of studying. They won the contest with a motorcycle racing game that used pnuematic controllers for realistic movement but when they couldn’t find a partner to create that, they went on to create a coin-operated type of kiosk that could easily convert any third-party PC game into an arcade title they call GaMa. Their first new game to use their idea is based upon T20 cricket (which is some sort of format for cricket adopted by the Indian Premier League) and it is currently testing at a few FECs in India.

It should be interesting to see how arcade development continues to grow in India. While the games we’ve seen come out of there so far have been made to cater to players in that country, I imagine that it won’t be long before we start seeing Indian developers making a push to sell their product internationally.   

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