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Aussie smashes Galaga world record score

September 2, 2009
Photo: Lannon Harley

Photo: Lannon Harley


The never-ending quest for obtaining the high score on classic arcade titles continues to catch attention from different places around the world and the latest world-record attempt was made on Namco’s Galaga by Phil Day of Braidwood in Australia. He has filmed his feat of obtaining 3.44 million points on the game and has submitted it to Twin Galaxies, which beats the previous record of 2.7 million quite easily. The only thing that was unfortunate about the attempt was that it was only Mr. Day and a film recorder to witness the event, I’m sure it would have been pretty exciting to have been there to watch him do this. More info can be found on the link below.

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Galaga Legions coming to XBLA so could there be an arcade version?

July 14, 2008

Back in March when I was at ASI I asked the guys at Namco about the possibility of bringing PacManCE or something like it to the arcade scene they said that they recently had been kicking the idea around but since then we haven’t heard anything about it. Today at the Microsoft e3 press conference it was revealed that the first “true” sequel to Galaga will be coming to XBLA soon (next month sometime) and it fits the same vein that PacMan CE did. So when I heard that I immediately wondered if Namco’s arcade division is still considering the idea of PacManCE in arcades but will combine it with the new Galaga game, much like the recent PacMan/Galaga combo units that were released not long ago. I will have to contact Namco and see if I can get any sort of response on this so I can stop speculating.

BTW- as far as Galaga not having a true sequel, I guess the four other games that came after it didn’t count somehow, such as GaPlus(which also was called Galaga 3), Galaga ’88, Galaxian 3 and Attack of the Zolgear? I’m just not sure how those aren’t considered sequels, especially where Galaga is essentially Galaxian 2, hence the Galaga 3 game. I guess it doesn’t matter really, I just thought I’d set the record straight since I’m already seeing reports repeating the line that it’s the “first true sequel” which must depend on what the meaning of “true” is.

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Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Countertop Coin-op game

November 8, 2007


[Image via BMIGaming Via The Stinger Report]

We posted about this a little while ago, but I forgot to post my impressions about the game as I recently had a chance to see one in person. Namco has released another Pac-Man cabinet for arcades but this one is quite a bit smaller than your standard arcade cab – it’s meant for countertops. By using a high-quality LCD screen they have basically taken the large 25th anniversary edition of the game and stuffed it into thismore compact and space saving box. It actually looks really nice in person and plays just as you would expect it too, although the joystick itself is a little bit small so an avid Pac-Man player may have to get used to that. This unit also has Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga available to play. There are two units, one for coin-op and one for home, the home edition being slightly cheaper due to the lack of coin-mechs. Now I would like to see Namco release a coin-op version of Pac-Man CE (available on Xbox Live Arcade) as Pac-Man belongs in a real arcade!

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