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Followups – Some H2Overdrive news and media coverage on the Funspot tourney

June 2, 2009

A couple of brief updates on a couple of stories that we have covered in the past little while.

First off, that Funspot World Championship event that I mentioned a few days ago has received some media coverage and with that you can find some video that accompanies the story that I cannot embed here. Via NECN. Thanks to The Stinger Report for that link

Second, H2Overdrive should begin shipping to arcades this month and with this big release, check back this week for an interview I have done with Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive. Hopefully that should whet your appetites for this upcoming release and for a teaser you can check my video preview of H2Overdrive that I did at ASI where I have added a couple of annotations that reveal a couple of new details on additions to the game that have been put in there since ASI.

Funspot announces the 11th annual Classic Video game tournament

May 21, 2009

funspottourneyWe all know that Funspot is one of the coolest arcades on the planet and for the 11th time they are going to hold their big Classic Video Game Tournament. The tourney begins on May 28th and goes until the 31st. Admission is $30 which includes 175 game tokens and access to what is perhaps the largest collection of classic arcade gaming available to the public. A few mroe details from the press release:

For the 2009 tournament there will be a 15 game video game contest and the Manufacturer’s Challenge featuring 6 classic games from a single manufacturer. Last year, Taito was the manufacturer of choice. Which company will it be this year? To keep the competition as even as possible, the game selections will be announced on Thursday, May 28th, the first day of the 4-day event. There will not be a pinball event during the tournament this year.

New for 2009 will be the awarding of cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the video game tournament. First place will be $500, second place $200 and third place $100. There will be a $200 prize for the1st place winner of the Manufacturer’s Challenge. In addition, cash prizes will be awarded to the winner of each daily Mystery Game Tournament; a popular segment which requires entrants to compete on only one game.

For more info, check out The American Classic Arcade Museum website


Another visit to FunSpot by someone else

April 30, 2009



One day I swear that I will visit FunSpot in New Hampshire. One day. But that is not today – today we have a story from someone else taking a tour of the place, in this case the guys from the gaming blog Joystiq. When it comes to new arcades they don’t seem to give them any props (usually by towing the “Arcades are dead” line) but with this they appear to be pretty excited. Click on the link below to check out their adventure at FunSpot.

[Joystiq visits: FunSpot & The American Classic Arcade Museum] [Discuss on the Forums]

PressStartComic: FunSpot 2007 Tournament Video Tour

March 18, 2008

Better late the never right? PressStartComic just put up thier “lost” video tour of the FunSpot 2007 Tournament. They write….

Here’s the “Lost” video from our trip of the 9th Annual FunSpot Classic Arcade and Pinball tournament. Due to the file size, we couldn’t put it up. But now we can finally share the video with you. A quick tour of all three floors of Funspot.

You watched it yet? Man are there some games to be played there! I think I know where I’m going for my holidays this year!

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