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Rambo has a flyer (cabinet shot and screenshot included)

May 15, 2008

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AM-Net has posted a flyer for Sega’s latest light-gun extravaganza Rambo and it gives us a first look at both the cabinet and the game. The cabinet is a lot like the House of the Dead 4 Deluxe cabinet, as the guns are similar and the small shots from the game look quite good, with lots of explosions and flames which you expect to see in a Rambo game. I can’t wait to see this in action – I know it’s testing in Europe and the US (I have not idea what the locations are in the US though) and AM-Net says that it will be coming in September (usually the international release isn’t too far behind) and in yen the value of the cabinet is around $16k USD.

So Sega is still not learning how to price their games more competitively IF this price holds for an international release – I learned the other day that Big Buck Safari Deluxe has a new price of around $6000 for operators – so $10000 less than something like Rambo Deluxe or Primeval Hunt, it doesn’t take much to imagine which game operators will go for. Whether Sega will do a standard cabinet for Rambo remains to be seen but I hope that something is done as this looks really cool and I would love to carry it in my arcade later this year, but if I can’t afford it I’ll just have to wait.

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Big Buck Safari European Flyer

February 21, 2008


We first saw the latest installment of Big Buck Safari at ATEI this year and we even had some video and a picture or two of the game in action. As this is Raw Thrills’ first releasesafari_dx.jpg outside of the US, it is already up on Namco Bandai Europe/Brent Sales website and with it comes the flyer for the game. We also have another image of the deluxe cabinet (Twisted took a picture of the DX model at ATEI) in case you can’t get enough. The flyer summarizes up what the game is all about and what new features this title touts over Big Buck Hunter Pro (a few new play modes, different animals, more trophies and it now shows you which critters you blasted). It’s expected that Raw Thrills’ will reveal the US release of the game at ASI in March.

[Big Buck Safari Flyer (PDF)]

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