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Details on the new 2D fighter Demon Bride

June 6, 2009

Another new and interesting fighter is soon going to come out in Japan known as Demon Bride and thanks to Aaron Auzins, here is an in-depth look at the upcoming game and the hardware it runs on known as the eX-BOARD. Andamiro has already brought one eXamu game to the states with Arcana Heart 2, so here’s hoping that they will keep it up with Demon Bride as well.

Here’s Aaron’s article, to which we thank him for the contribution!
Examu has announced to Famitsu, its newest 2-D fighting product, Demon Bride, will be ready to hit arcades in Japan on July 16. If you’re scratching your head, Examu is the development muscle behind Arcana Heart and its recent sequel.demon2

The fighting game takes on a holy vs. hell theme, but still maintains Arcana Heart’s four-button scheme of weak attack, strong attack, shooting (formerly the Arcana deity assist in the latter series) and dashing. For those intimidated by the fast-paced action, a simple mode can be activated for easier activation of moves.

Six specific arcades in Japan have received “early experience events.” It also appears prizes are being awarded through the course of the events and players can enter for a chance to win one of six prizes – entries will be taken through June 12 and five people will be chosen to receive a Demon Bride clear file case and felt coaster and one lucky winner will be sent a Demon Bride coffee mug.