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Sega’s Spring Private Show Round Up (with more Rambo than you can shake a stick at)

May 16, 2008

Well we finally have a real look at Rambo with some direct screenshots, thanks to some coverage from several sources on a Sega Private Show that was held on the 16th of May. It looks like Rambo was quite popular and it looks awesome – no one can say that Rambo will be lacking when it comes to graphics at least. Sega also has launched a new Rambo site but it’s nothing fancy, just the pic they’ll use on the marquee. [Rambo Site Japan] I do wonder why it will be coming out in September, it looks like it’s quite far along already as light-gun games generally only have a few levels to play through, enough to fill about a half hour of time, but we’ll see. In addition to the gun you also will get to use Rambo’s bow, but we’ll have to see how that works out. More pics from various sources after the jump with more Rambo including direct screens, booth babes and Virtua Fighter 5R! I can’t be held responsible for what John Rambo will do to you if you don’t make the jump…


Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show 2008

April 30, 2008

Say what you will about pinball, it’s impressive to see so many annual events dedicated to the game despite the fact that it does not have the same power in the market that it used to. While I did overlook the Rocky Mountain Pinball Show the other day (which ironically is the one closest to where I live) I was keeping an eye out for pinball news and came across information on the Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show. It will take place in Seattle, WA from June 6-8 and in addition to including a large selection of games to play, the event will also have tournaments and seminars. The site does mention video games as well (but not which ones to expect)so I’ll assume some of the more notable classic games will be there but either way it’s an IFPA sanctioned event so I’m sure that it will be good. For more details check out the main site below.

[Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show 2008 site] [Discuss on the Forum]

The Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2008

April 29, 2008

Here’s one event that passed under my radar – the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2008 in Golden, Colorado. Pinball is quite popular in my state of Utah, so I imagine that a few people from here made the trip over to Colorado to play. From the clip below it looks like it was a success, bringing old and new players together to play pinball. The newscast also mentions that some video games were there too but they are not shown. The clip is a little weird in the editing dept.(with the way the news people edited it) by breaking apart quotes from different players at the show and then stringing them together in fast succession. Video posted by youtube user ClassicArcadeResourc.

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Promises of Arcade Street Fighter Used to Entice Visitors to London Show

March 16, 2008


Here’s another fine article by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report. It sounds like some people are using Street Fighter IV like it was the GTAIV of the industry to get attention. Read on:

The first ever Live! event took place in London‘s Wembley Stadium over the weekend — the inaugural event proved a large draw for gamers of all ages, but was also embroiled in controversy.

The organizers had been linked to speculation that Capcom would be showing arcade cabinets running ‘Street Fighter IV‘ at the event. was linked to fuelling this speculation.

Upon opening a large number of event visitors were sourly disappointed to find that Capcom were not showing the game and had had no intention to show the eagerly awaited arcade title.

Capcom representatives’ questioned by Stinger representatives, confirmed that they refuted the claims that the game had been planned to be shown, and had already been deluged by visitors at their booth wanting to see the game – angry at its non-appearance.

Capcom had made apologies on‘s behalf regarding the confusion, though many disgruntled players saw this as a callous and profiteering exercise by the event organizers to increase their visitation.

[The Stinger Report] [Discuss on the Forum]