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Brent Sales bringing Tank! Tank! Tank! and PUTT: Championship Golf to Europe

September 15, 2009

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Good news for our European readers, in case you were wondering when Namco would be bringing Tank! Tank! Tank! to Europe. Brent Sales has sent out a press release stating that tank02they will be showing the game off at the London Preview next month and will be distributing the game to certain countries on the continent in 2010. They also have announced that they will be distributing other titles such as Chicago Coin’s PUTT: Championship Golf, and the ball tossing game Go Ball-istic, which will both be seen at their booth. The press release does mention that some Raw Thrills titles will also be seen at the booth but they did not mention what those will be (Terminator Salvation perhaps?). Hit the break for the full release.


DDR X at Japan Expo 2009 in Paris

July 9, 2009


In case you were wondering what players would think of the new DDR X in Europe, then the recent appearance of the title at the Japan Expo 2009 in Paris France should answer that question. The game has undergone extensive testing in Europe and according to the press release (which you can read after the post break) the game is shipping to locations across Europe in the following weeks via Electrocoin. More info can be found in the press release below


Insert Coin Expo 2009 already shaping up to be a big hit in Europe

June 20, 2009



Another arcade show is fast approaching, this one is taking place next month on July 18th-19th in Northampton, UK. Already the event has sold over 7,000 tickets and will cater to every aspect of the arcade industry from the players on up. Several tournaments are slated to take place (including competitions on SFIV and Tekken 6) over the two day event and on top of that players will be able to pick from over 250 games to play and they can even purchase parts and see some of the latest coin-op offerings. It is shaping up to be a major show and will even be covered by some television and radio sources so we can add this yet again to the arcades are not dead argument we’re constantly pushing forward. 😉

For more details, check out the press release after the break