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Pac-Man makes the obligatory energy drink appearance

January 17, 2009



Street Fighter got an energy drink recently so why not the other great arcade icon, Pac-Man? Well, I wouldn’t have cared had Pac-Man never been used in marketing energy drinks but since he has, here is the mention of it. It’s cherry-flavored only – which is too bad as they could do all of the edible items in Pac-Man and really go all the way. I’m sure that Pretzel or key flavor would do really well – at least they wouldn’t vary much from what energy drinks usually taste like. 😛

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Street Fighter gets an energy drink

December 23, 2008



I am not a fan of energy drinks but when Street Fighter has an energy drink named “Dragon Punch”, I’m tempted to get one just for the collection value alone. I am not sure what is in this or what flavor it is but what ever it may be, it’s not intended for children (of course, I guess no energy drink is). The artwork on the can is cool enough and you can by a box of 24 cans for about $65 or a single can for about $3. That seems normal for what they charge for energy drinks but unless it turns you into a lean, mean fighting machine then it had better taste good for that price.

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