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So what was at the Electrocoin Park Avenue Open Day event?

June 10, 2010


Arcade Heroes contributor Kevin Williams was at a recent arcade event held by UK Distributors Electrocoin and United Distributing Company and brought along his camera. So what was at the event? Keep on reading by hitting the link below…


Rassen products to launch at EAG 2010

January 23, 2010

With less than a week to go until the European Amusement and Gaming expo opens in London, we have received the news that Electrocoin Sales will be launching the products of the Korean company Rassen at the show. The company is concerned with military simulation products, two of which are shown in the promotional video we’ve seen. The first is Vulcan M, a large lightgun game with a variety of immersive cabinet features, featuring a fixed machine gun. The second is Military Camp, which focuses on smaller, hand-held weaponry. Though it’s hard to catch much game footage in the trailers, both games appear to feature very realistic visuals. Other details are scarce at present (not least due to our lack of Korean language skills), so until EAG rolls around you’ll need to settle for the trailer below.

[Official Rassen website] [Discuss on the forums]

Konami releases GTI Club – Supermini Festa in Europe

October 7, 2009

GTI Cabinet

Fans of Konami’s GTI Club can finally look forward to actually playing the game that was seen last January as Konami and Electrocoin demonstrated the final release version of the game, GTI Club – Supermini Festa at the FER Interazar exhibition in Madrid, Spain recently. As you can see above, the deluxe version varies a bit from those “quaint shop” style cabinets that had been seen previously on location tests and at ATEI 2009.  Konami will be showing the game off at a couple of other upcoming European trade shows as well – for more info on that, see the press release after the break.


Electrocoin introduces X-Putt

August 27, 2009

x putt ad

Back in the Golden Age of gaming, it wasn’t uncommon to see businessmen in suits taking a break at the local arcade to blow off some steam but as that age passed, it became less common to see such a thing. But with a recent resurgance in games based around putting, maybe this is a way to pull in such business persons into arcades again. Of course it is a stereotype that all business people enjoy golf – as a small business man I don’t care much for it personally although I don’t mind it so much in a video setting.

And so we now have the X-Putt, by European distributor Electrocoin. Not only do you putt as a game but you can also win cash with this one if the operator so chooses to offer that. If not it can be setup just for fun or for tickets, aloowing it to go into a wide range of locations.  According to the info we were sent, this is being made available for export as well so you could see this in the US and elsewhere very soon.

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