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Rumour: Initial D for DS?

March 18, 2008


According to various sites we could be seeing a DS version of Initial D coming our way. Judging by these screen shots, presuming they are genuine, it doesn’t look bad for a DS game, and imagine how good Wi-Fi would be. Fingers crossed.

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Weird Wednesday: English of the Dead & Pirates in Virtua Fighter 5

February 6, 2008


It’s been a funny old day today.

Found both of these of the gaming blog machine that is Kotaku. First up we have a new DS game from Sega. There was House of the Dead, then Typing of the Dead and now we having English of the Dead. That’s right, they are releasing an English training game were you slay Japanese speaking zombies with English. Sounds bloody ace if you ask me!

The second weird piece of news from today is the news that revision D of Virtua Fighter 5 will include CPU controlled pirate fighting in the Knockout Trial 2 game mode. I’m still undecided which of these is weirder, only in Japan. Actually they probably both will be!

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