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Final location report on DJ Max Technika; release period mentioned

December 11, 2008


Phil Ver 0 on our forums has completed his location test report on DJ Max Technika. In the final report he talks about how the card system works and how that will give players access to more options and a leveling up feature, future additions to the game such as missions and online play and he talks about a few downsides to the game such as lag, you can just slide your finger to the notes along with a few other minor issues (which of course could be resolved before the final release). He also makes a few more points about the differences between this and Konami’s UBeat and how they might be received by US players. Overall it’s a good read and you can check it out by clicking on the link below.

PM Studios is looking to release DJ Max Technika to the US sometime towards the end of January, beginning of February.

[Phil’s final DMT report on the forums]


Michael Yum of PM Studios discusses DJ Max Technika & more (including possible European release)

December 10, 2008


PM Studios has not kept a tight lid on their new arcade title known as DJ Max Technika and this means more information for us to enjoy about the game. In an interview with Michael Yum, executive producer behind DMT @ PM Studios, Michael talks about the arcade scene, the differences that will be found between the home and arcade versions (and why the arcade version will be better) and more.

I find it very interesting to hear what he has to say on the arcade scene in the US. When asked about it, Michael responded:

We also want to help in the revitalization of arcades. Companies like Capcom, Konami and Activision, they’re all trying really hard at the moment and so we don’t see each other as competition in this market. Obviously, it’s a different story when it comes to consoles. In the arcades though, we all want to help each other make the games successful here, so we hope to help revitalize arcades and bring a lot of new console games over here in the process.

This is a great attitude for PM Studios to have for arcades in the US and I think that DMT is a great way to enter into the market. Of course recently Capcom USA said that SFIV couldn’t do anything to help revitalize arcades in the US so they wouldn’t even bother to try, so it’s always good to know that other newcomers to the US arcade scene don’t feel the same way.  The more companies making arcade titles for the market here and elsewhere, the better for the rest of us (especially those of us on the front lines running an arcade of our own). If you are in Europe, you may also be interested to know that Michael also mentions that they are interested into entering the market there, so I imagine that it means that we’ll see DMT in Europe too.   

More details via the link below, thanks to Jared Reas for the link & pic

[Michael Yum interview – The Escapist] [Discuss on the Forum]

Another location test report on DJ Max Technika + news on an iPhone version of the game

December 9, 2008


Say what you will about DJ Max Technika, it certainly is generating a bit of excitement among players. This of course is why I think that there is great value in high-profile location tests as it gets people talking about the game. But I have already talked about that so onto the latest location test report for DMT. We had a report from one of our readers the other day and this one comes from Jared Rea  who is writing for The Escapist Magazine. It should be interesting to see how many more mainstream news gaming sites pick up on this game – it certainly will be more with the news that is revealed in Jared’s location test report – that PM Studios is also looking into making an iPhone version of the game. Hit the link below for the full report which includes more details on how the game plays along with some more on it’s music selection.

[The Escapist – DJ Max technika location report] [Discuss on the Forum]

DJ Max Technika Location Test report

December 5, 2008


[Thanks to Phil Ver 0 on our forums]

The new game DJ Max Technika has been testing in California and thanks to one of our readers, we have information on how that has been going down. Now we previously reported that there are two machines testing in CA, one at an arcade at UCLA and one at a regular video game store where the owner knowns some of the people involved with DJ Max and so he pic-0342is promoting the game heavily.

Phil has posted his impressions on the game along with pictures on our forums but here are some highlights from his report:

What’s good about this game is how everything is base on a touch screen which presents many challenges for the player to get adjusted to. The player, at times, would need to have a certain technique in order to hit some of the notes, as well as good eye coordination because if you blink you might miss a note or two or three.

The Grading system seems to be the same with older music games with 5 timing systems of MAX (Perfect or Flashing Great), COOL (Great), GOOD (Good), MISS (Bad), and Break (Miss).

This game already have a lot going over UBeat and a lot better, in my opinion, than UBeat itself. I will bring more this coming Thursday with Pro, Cons and final thoughts and how will it do in this market

It would be interesting to see a UBeat and a DJ Max Technika game put next to each other to see how they would do, even though the games do share some striking differences.

Bemanistyle is also reporting that PM Studios (the company behind the game in the US) has announced some contests in relation to the UCLA location test which are aiming to promote the game beyond just a simple test. While I understand and respect the decision by most arcade companies to do low-profile testing of a game, since you need an idea of how a game does by itself, I also think that there is great value in high-profile location tests and that every arcade game should do them in addition to prior low-profile testing. One thing that we should learn from console gaming is that hype works. While I don’t really care for hype as it will often create incorrect expectations, hype + arcades can be a good thing for all of us in the industry as we all still have to deal with that issue where people think that arcades are dead.  It’s not just that – when it comes to console hype, most of that is generated by a few journalists who are paid to talk about games (and in some cases, paid to create hype) where as arcade location testing gives anyone in the area a chance to play the game and if hype comes out of that, I’d feel far more confident about it since it’s coming from players.

[Phil’s DJ Max Technika Report]

DJ Max Technika location testing in the US

December 3, 2008

[Via Aaron Auzins of]coinz

We heard that DJ Max Technika would be coming to the US a couple of weeks ago and we’re happy to pass along the news that the game is currently testing at two locations in the Los Angeles area, and there will be more location testing going on in other states and countries soon. The current locations include Coinz, which is at the UCLA Ackerman Union and Game Play, which is in Long Beach, CA.

I have found a little bit of feedback on the tests there and so far it sounds like players have really enjoyed the game. I do wonder how PM Studios will go about distributing this game but either way it’s great to see another company giving some love to US arcades like this.

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DJ Max Technica coming to the US

November 8, 2008


(Thanks to Phil on the forums for the tip!)

We first talked about DJ MAx Technica a few months ago but we had not heard anything about it since so I wasn’t sure what was going on with the game. But surprisingly, game blog site Joystiq (not well known for their arcade coverage, so much that they muse about American arcades being dead, like we haven’t heard that one before) got the scoop on DJ Max Technica coming to the States by a company called PM Studios and it’s coming next month. This might be their response to Konami bringing uBeat to the States since both games share the similarity of providing a bemani experience controlled with touching a screen. The US version is supposed to support internet connectivity (leaderboards) and even IC cards which is a plus and soon they will reveal some location tests for the US version within the next few days.

I’m glad to see another gaming blog (Kotaku is usually good about posting arcade stuff) that generally focuses on consoles covering this information but they really need to get with the times as there is this ‘little’ event called IAAPA in the next few weeks where quite a handful of new arcade titles are going to be showing up and perhaps if more game news outlets started covering arcades again, these things wouldn’t be such a surprise. That and it doesn’t help those of us actually running an arcade in the US for media people to constantly beat the “arcades are dead” drum, like that is supposed to help us increase sales somehow.  I’m just saying…

[DJ Max Technica coming to the US – Joystiq] [Discuss on the Forum]

Location test: DJ Max Technika

August 17, 2008

[Thanks to Phil Ver0 on the forums, additional info via BemaniStyle and Ruliweb]

The creators of EZ2DJ are back with something new, and it’s already on location test. Known as DJ Max Technika, this is a dual screen touch based music game with three different game modes and more. At first glance it may sound like Konami’s Jubeat but when taking a closer look it seems that the games share a number of differences. For one, DJ Max Technika is single touch but also from BemaniStyle: “The screen is split into two sections horizontally. The notes appear on one half of the screen and remain stationary, while a “timing bar” scrolls across the screen from the left side. When the bar passes a note, you tap the note itself. When the bar reaches the end of the screen, it reappears on the bottom half of the screen scrolling from the right side.” When you see how it works in the videos you can see that it’s very different from something like Jubeat.

Also from the screenshots and video from RuliWeb, the cabinet is quite attractive and the background graphics consist of animation from different anime shows that I’m not personally familiar with.  The reports on the web indicate that it’s a fun game and it certainly looks like it in addition to being something a little different so we’ll have to see how it does once it’s released.

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