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More games from the GTI Asia China Expo 2010

September 7, 2010

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We finally have an extensive look at what went on at the GTI Asia China Expo 2010 and along with plenty of games came a few surprises. I’m still trying to find any video posted from the event online but so far no luck – if anything substantial comes along I’ll update this post. Some of the games you’ll see below: the first non-glasses stereoscopic 3D arcade game, Disney’s 3D Ping Pong; Pentavision’s DJ MAx Technika 2; Dino Survivor 4D by Belrare; a new version of Konami’s Mocap Sports; Taito’s Gaia Attack 4; Hypaa’s Mozarc; Andamiro’s Pump It Up Fiesta; a 10-player game called Ocean Spirit 2 and much more than we had seen previously.


Dino Survivor by Belrare

August 26, 2010

Today is the first day of the GTI Asia China Expo and that means more arcade games will be coming to light, especially as the Chinese arcade market has virtually exploded in recent memory (perhaps it helps that consoles are technically banned there where arcades are not). Unfortunately arcade news coming out of China can be very hit-or-miss, sometimes screenshots and video are plentiful for a game (like Crazy SpeedArcade) but most of the time it’s a miss with the only thing we get is a blurry shot of a random cabinet at a trade show or we get a thumbnail shot of a cabinet on a webpage. This will be another post of the latter as Chinese developer Belrare once again has a new product to show off but it’s nowhere to be found on their website, they haven’t responded to inquiries on their content and whether we will see it at IAAPA is completely unknown.

The new game is called Dino Survivor. It looks similar to Let’s Go Jungle or Deadstorm Pirates but this time it’s about hunting dinosaurs. One thing to help this stand out could be that it uses stereoscopic 3D which many other Chinese games have been pushing lately and it also has mounted gatling guns (ala Vulcan-M). It also appears that they may be giving this one a good push in the graphics department where terms like “normal mapping”, “dynamic ocean lighting effects”, “3D particle system”,  and others are part of this game’s visual resumé. So that gives us something to look forward to if we ever get a chance to see the game in more detail and see if it uses any of the modern techniques properly. At least the cabinet looks awesome, I like the vivid artwork it has although it could use a larger viewing window to help avoid the “den of iniquity” problem these kind of theater cabinets tend to run into.

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