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LAI Games brings Dino Duel to the US

August 29, 2009


It looks like the arena of card-based coin-op games is beginning to heat up – first with Sega and now LAI Games is going to bring one a title over from Indonesia (the game made its debut at the Timezone there a little over a year ago) to the US that uses a similar concept. Called Dino Duel, the game dispenses cards that players can then use in the game or in a separate card game where ever they so happen to be. When you insert a coin the game will dispense a card for the player to grab. Then they scan the card in the reader and depending on what the card is it will affect the gameplay, which uses a rock/paper/scissors interface that is easy for kids to pick up on.

One distributor already has the game in-stock and for a surprisingly low price for an arcade title as well. I imagine that we’ll be seeing this at AMOA as well so now the question is, how many other manufacturers are going to jump onto the card game bandwagon now? As for a dinosaur themed game, my three year old son would absolutely go bonkers over that (as he would other such themed titles) although he’s still a little too young to get the part with the cards.

Here is one video I found of the game on Youtube. There is another, less choppy video of the game that can be found here.

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