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Confirmed: Sega Racing Classic is the new Daytona

October 15, 2009


(Thanks to reader Kieranmay for the tip)

Highway Games has a new page up that details the new Sega Racing Classic game and it pretty much confirms everything that we heard about the game being a new Daytona, along with a couple of extra details. The game will run at a resolution of 1280x720p and presumably at 60 fps, using the Ringwide hardware. According to the Highway Games summary, SRC features “original tracks and heart pumping action with all new high definition graphics”. I will be trying to get some more information on this one but where it has both screen_6116flyers and cabinet shots ready for the game, I wonder if we will be seeing it at IAAPA next month. As you can see from the graphics in this post, they are using a cabinet design that departs from their most recent Sega Rally 3 style cabs.

Of course we do expect to hear a lot of Daytona fans clamoring for a console release but I believe that we could expect a long period before such a port would happen, if it happens at all – in fact it has been quite a while since any new Sega arcade release has received a console port which is good for arcade operators (the only games on Lindbergh hardware which have seen console releases are Virtua Fighter 5,  and Virtua Tennis 3. You could sort of count Afterburner which got a psuedo-port to the PSP. As a note to the comments below, Ghost Squad wasn’t a Lindbergh title but is one of Sega’s semi-recent arcade-to-console ports). I don’t think it’s that bad for players either considering the fact that the arcade version would be superior just based upon the controls alone.

Stay tuned for more details on this very soon.

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Sega Racing Classic the new Daytona?

September 26, 2009


Via Sega Nerds

By looking at this artwork, it certainly appears that way – unless this is a fake of course, which I am trying to verify. If you listened to our last podcast, we actually discussed Daytona 3 and rumors behind an imminent release of the game. It was thought that the game would make an appearance at JAMMA last week but that didn’t happen. But thanks to some checking by a forum user at Sega Nerds, they have found the poster pictured above and from the looks of it, if this isn’t the new Daytona then it’s the closest thing to it. You might recall that with Sega Rally 3 it was first called “Super Challenge” before getting a name change. Also of note, this is the first game that will be using the Ringwide hardware, which is the less powerful than Ringedge which is running games like Border Break – again, assuming that this isn’t a hoax.

Stay tuned for more on SRC, I imagine that we will be finding out more about this very soon 😉

I would also like to mention a discussion that we have been having on the forums about a Raw Thrills’ game that according to the RT website is also called Daytona. According to Kevin Williams, rumor has it that RT is working on a “Daytona-killer” of their own. It is certainly strange that there is a page on the RT site dedicated to a game called Daytona.

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Sports car arcade cabinet add-ons make racers a little better

January 30, 2008

esp_daytona.jpgI noticed this the other day when I was looking into the company behind the new arcade game out of Brazil called Senninha GP – sports car “add-ons” of a sort for arcade racer cabinets by DiverBras Entretenimento. The add-ons seem to wrap around a dual arcade cabinet to enhance the look to make it seem like you’re sitting in a sports car. It’s unknown whether DiverBras would export these to anywhere outside of Brazil and whether they can be added to any cabinet or if the cabinet has to be specially designed for these add-ons. They have created them for games like The Fast and Furious, Cruisn’ USA, Cruisn’ World and a few others, click on the thumbnails after the post break to check them all out.

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