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See the new Darius Burst in action Friday

August 4, 2010

(Thanks to ECM for the tip!)

If you are chomping at the bit to see Taito’s new Darius Burst Another Chronicle in action, then you’ll have the chance to do so this Friday. Taito will be doing a webshow on where DBAC will be shown in some manner. The show begins at 8PM in Japan, so you’d have to adjust your clocks accordingly –  that’s 4AM PST. In the event you aren’t up that early, I imagine that someone will rip the footage so we can see what the game is all about at any time of the day.

The bookmark worthy stream will be here (link fixed)

UPDATE: Thanks to my insomnia tonight, I am up to check it out although I will be trying to get some sleep again here in a minute. The game looks wickedly awesome, and in case you aren’t able to catch it now, it looks like they save the video on the page to see later. Looks like it runs at 60 fps, no bullet hell and it looks like they are using mirrors to help combine the monitor edges in the center so they blend together quite well and you don’t have to worry about a large black line in the center of the screen. They already showed a play through two bosses but only with two players. Looks like they may do four players later but I’m too tired to stick around and wait – still it was worth it to see the game in action. In fact, player interest is high enough that I got a phone call at my arcade yesterday about this which is unusual for an arcade title that hadn’t been seen in action until now.

Screenshots for the new Darius and Pengo

July 30, 2010

Darius Burst Another Chronicle – sweet mother of awesome (click to enlarge, via Game Watch):

Pengo. I thought this was going to be eight players on one cabinet but that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least for the moment. The location test connected four two player stations together.I know an 8-player cabinet would still be large but it would require a little less hardware to invest in. Famitsu has more pictures and a video of the game in action.

Sources: AM.Net

Darius Burst Another Chronicle cabinet revealed

July 30, 2010

(Thanks to ECM for the tip)

While I wasn’t expecting anything on this until tomorrow morning, it appears that all of the info already out on the new has pushed Taito to reveal more on the Darius title early, even though the countdown still has 14 hours left. You can visit the official Darius Site here – the only new reveal is the cabinet image you see above. That’s quite an impressive cabinet – there is some sort of force feedback in the seat and the screen configuration hearkens back to the original Darius from 1986. Fortunately it is when cabinets take this approach that make any future console ports have less impact on the arcade market as you would loose the extra wide view unless you are willing to setup two identical flat panels next to each other.

Hopefully we’ll have videos of this one in action very soon. I also hope that it gets a release outside of Japan. At the moment there is no indication of such a thing but Elevator Action: Death Parade was that way as well. As long as the price tag on this is far below the EADP then it would be even more feasible. The new Darius will be released in Japan this winter.

Source: ACE