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The Stinger Report #599 – IAAPA 07 coverage part I

November 29, 2007

The Stinger Report has released the first part of their IAAPA coverage and it is loaded with information pertaining to arcades and what the future holds for our industry. Certainly this is shaping up to be the best year we’ll see in amusement this decade. The report itself is quite long so I’ll work on slimming it down to something managable for this post.



Sega Amusement USA – Had two booths, demonstrated Primeval Hunt (90% complete), Sega RaceTV (80% complete), 2 Initial D4 cabinets, and two of Sega’s mid-sized attractions OutRun 2 Special Attraction and Let’s Go Jungle Special. For Redemption they had UFO Catcher, their plush line and Pirate’s Revenge, a new game developed by a developer called TecWay along with IGS. Edit:‘Pirates Revenge’ is developed by IGS and distributed by Universal Space (UNIS) [no word why TecWay had it on their booth!!?] TecWay also was demonstrating a redemption game targeted towards kids called Ghost Hunter. They also showed a BeMani game called Drummer Championship, a game called Revenger a game that had players pounding cartoon characters with a mallet to corresponding clues.

GlobalVR – Demonstrated some of their latest releases including a linked NASCAR, America’s Army and Aliens: Extermination. Otherwise they did not show anything new but attracted large crowds.

IMON – demonstrated a new version of their Panzer Elite Tank title running on the motion based iGO hardware that includes network support and an external screen so people passing by could see what is going on. This version is already available from some distributors.

SimuLine – the creators of Sega’s Cycraft showed of MiniRide 2, which runs a series of special motion ride films based on the unique hanging motion system. They also announced the development of another simulator title called Race Car of Tomorrow: Today.

Incredible Technologies – no new games shown, their standard titles were shown as well as a new cabinet style.

Merit Entertainment – The makers of popular touch screen coin-op games demonstrated their new Firefly platform which is based on Tablet PC technology.

Namco America – Demonstrated their highly anticipated fighter, Tekken 6. Namco is testing the waters with the game in the US, which uses a HDD, IC Cards and the same style cabinet as seen in Japan (a sitdown cabinet with an HD monitor). It remains to be seen how the expensive hardware will do in arcades, especially if the PS3 version comes out soon afterwards. In addition to this Namco showed off their titles that are currently on the market including Maximum Tune 3, Mario Kart GP 2, Pac-Man 25th Anniversary and Taito’s Chase HQ 2. They also are working on a redemption title called Family Bowl 2.

AndaMiro – Showed off DDR’s major competitive title, Pump It Up NX2: Next Xenesis.

Trio Tech Amusement – demonstrated the very popular UFO Stomper that we at AH have show in a few posts. It uses two projectors mounted in the roof of the system. TrioTech is working on other titles to play on the platform.

Betson: Showed off the latest version of Big Buck Hunter Pro that includes innovative online play via the ‘Coin-Up’ system.

Finally according to the Stinger Report:

“Most of the interesting products on the show floor came from major (long-established) amusement manufacturers. However, two notable new developments from start-up developers proved a pleasant surprise, proving there is still interest in new concepts:

SlamBots – Two-Player coin-operated robot combat game, using technology familiar from the redemption car driving market, this new concept builds on an interest for robots in amusement.

Aerr-Ball – Best described as an air based foosball style game, the innovative design and compelling game experience will prove to be a big hit for the first manufacturer that licenses the hardware.”

We’ll see if we can get some pictures of some of the more interesting games mentioned. Hit the post break for the full Stinger Report.

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Some brief IAAPA 2007 coverage

November 23, 2007



Barcade has posted two articles on their experience at this year’s IAAPA event. There are some descriptions of games we’ve discussed here including the new Sea Wolf, TrioTech’s UFO Stomper, Sega’s RaceTV and what makes it interesting and Sega’s Primeval Hunt. So far everything I have read about Primeval Hunt gives it a thumbs up, I can’t wait to try it out myself. For the full reports, hit the links below.

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Positive Arcade Coverage

October 23, 2007

This makes for a nice change from the usual doom and gloom that we have to read about the state of the arcade industry. 

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Editor’s note: John Gaudiosi, an internationally published reviewer and reporter about the video games industry, writes the Gaming Guru blog for

LAS VEGAS – The old days of Mom and Pop arcades and mall arcades are long gone, done away by home consoles and online gameplay that has connected gamers around the world. Sega’s GameWorks, along with Dave & Busters, have sprouted up in their place.

These arcade/restaurant/bar entertainment centers are geared to family and friends. I was able to check out GameWorks in Las Vegas this past weekend. Sonic was there to greet everyone before they headed down the escalator to play games below the M&M World and Coca-Cola Stores on the Las Vegas Strip.

For those who have their kids along with them in Vegas (a town that’s definitely not very kid-friendly), GameWorks does provide a way to spend a day. It’s $35 for an all-day pass that will get unlimited rides and arcade games and even virtual bowling. You can also play by the hour. GameWorks has eliminated the need for quarters or tokens. A card slides through each machine and you have a running timer of how long it’s good for.

While Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii have brought gaming home, the one advantage these new arcades have over those consoles is in the motion rides. I played Sega’s Outrun 2 on my new Slim PSP on the flights over to Vegas. But playing the sit-down version of the game, linked with three other cars in a full motion simulator, blew away that experience.

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