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New Cyberdiver website also reveals new Taito arcade hardware

May 24, 2009


Taito has updated the website for their upcoming FPS arcade game Cyber Diver and along with a few more details on the game itself they also mention some new hardware that the game will be running on that they are called Genesys. The original announcement for the game did make a mention about “new hardware” although at the time it was not given a name. Even with this revelation there are no details on what Taito will pack into the hardware although the website does include a couple of pictures from the new game which uses the hardware, which you can see in better detail by clicking on the thumbnails below. Note that the pics below are semi-transparent and show some stuff from the website background which is why you’ll see some extra blue stuff in there. So far the game seems to have a little bit of a “Portal” edge to it with the blue-white devices but other than that it seems to be in a place all by itself with the design. Cyberdiver kits will be released later this year and will be used to update Half-Life 2 Survivor arcade cabinets in Japan. It was rare to find HL2 in arcades outside of Japan so we might not see Cyberdiver but we certainly should start seeing the Genesys if Taito decides to replace the Type X2 with it.

cyberdivergfx1 cyberdivergfx2 cyberdivergirl

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Sega USA releases Clay Challenge and Bass Fishing Challenge kits

February 28, 2009


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Sega Amusements USA has updated their website with information on two new arcade releases for the US, Clay Challenge (which we revealed in our AMOA 2008 coverage) and Bass Fishing Challenge (which we revealed in our ATEI 2008 coverage). Both releases are in JAMMA kit form and can go into a standard JAMMA cabinet as well as in an Atomiswave cabinet; the latter is intended to go into any cabinet that uses a trackball (like Golden Tee). I imagine that both games will be at ASI in a couple of weeks and it’s always good to see a few more kits coming along as that really helps out street locations. Now they just need to offer a Rambo kit so we can convert HOTD4 into that.

I have added both games to our “Already Released” category on our Arcade Game Release list for 2009.

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The Act Conversion Kit purchased!

October 15, 2007


Recently we mentioned that Cecropia, makers of the coin-op title called The Act had cancelled that game for the arcade market. I was pleased to find out however that a number of kits were produced and they have been selling them off on eBay. After some bidding I am now the proud owner of a conversion kit for The Act, which kit I will certainly put to good use in my arcade so many others can play it. I’m not sure how many kits they have left, but there aren’t many as several kits were sold off to the Cecropia staff so there are only a few left of what is a rare game already. I know there are going to be more auctions on eBay, so keep an eye on that if you’re interested in this game.

I will definently be posting some pictures and impressions once I receive the kit. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do for a cabinet – I don’t have my hands on any generic cabinets at the moment, perhaps I’ll have to keep an eye out for one in great condition or build my own. That should be a fun experience. 🙂

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