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The Atari flight yoke controller returns

December 29, 2009

One of those things that I hate to admit is that I have never had the pleasure of playing the original Atari Star Wars on the original hardware. Only once did I ever come across one of these at an arcade growing up and when I did the unit wasn’t working (fortunately they had a BattleZone that was in great condition that I played way too much). For those who have played the game mentioned here then you know that one of the cool things about it are the controls. Atari made what was called the “flight yoke controller” which was similar to a controller they had used in previous games like Starship 1.  A few games have used similar controls since but it has been quite a while since a yoke controller of any kind in arcades and to be honest I think it’s a shame that we haven’t as it’s one of those things that you don’t get the same feel for at home.

Anyways, this post isn’t about a new game that is going to use a yoke but about the reconstruction of the old Atari yoke used in the Star Wars arcade game. From the looks of it, the makers of this device, RAM Controls put a lot of effort into recreating the yoke perfectly and they are now selling them so you can replace an old worn out yoke on your home Star Wars machine (I guess I should ask – how many operators out there still have one of these on location? Anyone?). You can get a completed yoke controller for $260 or they also offer a number of options to rebuild one for less than that. Hit the link below for more on how this came to be.

Quick update: While looking around the RAM Controls site I noticed that they have parts for rebuilding other hard-to-find Atari controllers, like the hall effect stick on I, Robot or Major Havoc controls. Pretty cool stuff.

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Arcade style horse racing soon coming to the Wii

August 13, 2009


The creation of new peripherals for the Nintendo Wii that mimic controls that have already been seen in arcades continues to come along at a steady pace and the latest one that wefinal_furlong have heard of would be a “horseback riding simulation” controller. While an interesting idea it is a far cry from what arcade titles can and have done and as I look at the patent for this, I imagine that with this device we’ll start seeing some more arcade ports over to the Wii. You can see the patent for the new Wii device here.

As a reminder the first arcade title to introduce the horseback riding simulation idea, Final Furlong by Namco. Most recently the idea was also brought back to arcades with Go!Go! Jockey!

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If Danger Zone were made today

June 23, 2009



If we take a trip on the wayback machine to 1986, the industry crash has begun to pass and while it hurt arcades, companies were still churning out a lot of games and sometimes those games broke new ground either via controls, gameplay or graphics. Cinematronics created such a game known as Danger Zone, which featured it’s monitor on a swivel where the image in-game was tracked with the movement of the monitor. Many have since forgot about this game but with a video that just popped up on youtube where a guy modified some model gun with an LCD monitor and a tracking unit so it would serve as a type of mouse controller for use on the PC. This also reminds me of the concept used in Namco’s Gunmen Wars which featured a kind of motion-tracked gun, although what you’ll see in the video below allows for greater movement around the room.

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