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Classic Cocktail gaming Arcade Tables

November 28, 2009

As a fan of classic arcade gaming one of those ideas from “back-in-the-day” that I like is the cocktail cabinet. While the idea has not been completely lose for arcades in modern times (as we saw at IAAPA with some new large screen cocktail cabinets) you really don’t see old school cocktail cabs at arcades these days. I have a Warlords cocktail at mine but the board has been dead for months so it’s not out for everyone to enjoy (and of course everytime I check eBay someone wants $200 for a Warlords pcb 😦 )

If you want to enjoy a cocktail cabinet for yourself and you don’t have the time/motivation/whatever to build one yourself then Arcade Tables could be a solution for you. We were contacted by one company who has been producing multi-game cocktail cabinets since 2001. Based out of Australia, Arcade Tables offer 60 classic games in a classic style cabinet that even can come with a coin mech. Admittedly I don’t follow how much multi-game cabinets go for these days so I don’t know how in-line these are price wise but they look pretty solid and you can check them out for yourself by clicking here.

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