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Rampage and Time Crisis turned into movie trailers

September 25, 2009

No this doesn’t have anything to do with Joust or Asteroids coming to the silver screen – yet anyways. But thanks to a competition that was recently put on by G4TV and the infamous movie director Uwe Boll, people had the opportunity to turn a favorite game of theirs into a movie trailer. Out of the submissions I know about so far, two popular arcade titles have been shown, which I am linking to below. Whether the makers of either of these trailers will get the chance to win the grand prize of being flown to a place where Uwe Boll will tell them that they won (they put a lot of effort into that prize, didn’t they?) remains to be seen, at least we can see the possibilities of their ideas below.

Watch this space in the future for when someone in Hollywood gets the idea that it would be awesome to attempt to make these into big summer blockbusters for all of us to groan over.

Rampage trailer. This would make for a decent parody movie of Cloverfield, which wouldn’t be hard to do these days since the only parody movies we get anymore are “‘Insert genre here’ Movie” crap.

Time Crisis Trailer

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Listen to sounds from an arcade circa 1982-1988

February 21, 2009


If you grew up playing games at arcades in the 1980’s then this is bound to bring back some nostaligic memories for you. My earliest arcade memory was from about 1987 or ’88 but at the time I never had the opportunity to really hang out at an arcade. But for one guy who did, he decided to take a tape recorder with him to his local arcade (the Space War Arcade in Ithaca, NY) and he would just record what went on while he played. He has recorded kids playing tons of games from 1982 up to 1988 and I don’t know what it is about these recordings but I find it completely fascinating to hear people playing games “back in the day”. It’s kind of funny on occasion too, such as on the recording of Berzerk from 1982 where you hear the player die and then a kid declares “You suck!”.

Check out the recordings at

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California Extreme 2008

July 21, 2008

I nearly forgot that CAX 2008 took place this past weekend – it’s the best arcade show in the country and here I am forgetting about it. Naturally, I was unable to go but for those that were able to, it sounds like it was absolutely awesome. I am not surprised to hear that The Act (in an original test cabinet nonetheless) was one of the most popular games at the show (which again attests to the fact that this game does have staying power with gamers despite what happened during the game’s test phase) but beyond that having 30,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to nothing but arcade games is a something that I think that any gamer would enjoy going to. The game selection was staggering, combining both well-known and lesser known classic games into one place(including some very rare games like Quantum & Inferno), along with quite the selection of cocktail games and pinball games. They even had a Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was there, which I don’t know much about other than that it is supposed to be released on the Xbox 360 & PS3 so it was a little surprising to see it in arcade form.

Here is one review I have seen of the show, it’s pretty good as it has a lot of pictures and there is even a video which I am embedding here (by user DrunkJeff1)

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Defend Earth Arcade Shooter Project

December 21, 2007

Here is a video of some college students that made their own arcade game! Everything was built from scratch including the game circuit (so no PC hardware) – almost like it was an arcade game of the early 80’s. The graphics certainly look that part but I don’t think that the purpose of the project was to make a game with photorealistic graphics. Either way this took more effort than all of those flash based games which call themselves arcade games. I think it is a cool project and who knows, maybe some of these guys will go on to make some more advanced games for todays market. Video posted by youtube user hyakimoshuken

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