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Silver Strike Bowling Championship results

July 15, 2008

One way to get players out to the arcade is to hold a tournament of sorts – get several people signed up, offer a cash prize, etc. While operators can only do this on a limited basis, some manufacturers are holding national tournaments with big prizes to get people out and play. A fine example of this is the recent national tournament held with Incredible Technologies Silver Strike Bowling 2009. In a rather lengthy press release, the story is told of the 32 qualifiers who made it to the Vegas tournament out of the many hundreds of people that played the game. According to the press release “Over 1 million online games were played on nearly 10,000 Silver Strike Machines by players attempting to qualify for the live finals in Vegas.” Any way you look at it, that is quite good for an arcade game to have that many online games played on it and the fact that SSB09 already has nearly 10,000 machines online across the country (the game only came out a short time ago) is impressive as well.

As I mentioned, the following release (check it out after the post break where you’ll also find pictures from the event) is rather lengthy but tells the story of what went down in Vegas (which isn’t staying in Vegas in this case :P), from the beginning where it started out with 32 players vying for the prize to the last round with Dan and Mike. The story about Mike “Schmagwag” Cornwell (pictured to the left with his $10,000 prize), the new SSB Champion is intriguing and emotional and worth a read – his family was among the many who were recently devastated by the floods in Iowa, so for him to win the $10,000 prize was even more important. Congrats to Mike! [Incredible Technologies] [Discuss on the Forum]