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Double your pleasure, double your fun! 2 video reviews in one post with The Act and Blazing Angels!

July 5, 2008

As promised here are more video reviews. I’m sorry that the quality on these is well, youtube quality. I still don’t understand why certain videos make the cut for their “high quality” setting and others seem not to as these were recorded in HD and uploaded untouched. I would have put them on Vimeo but you only get 500MB a week there and I’ve pretty much used up my limit this week.

Anyways here is a review of The Act and Blazing Angels. Both are excellent games although The Act gets props for originality and for getting people into the game moreso than I have seen with other games at my place. The only other game I have seen people so addicted to is Indiana Jones to be honest. Blazing Angels and Big Buck Safari aren’t far behind though.

The Act by Cecropia (UPDATED WITH THE HIGHER QUALITY VERSION, youtube version after the break)

Blazing Angels by GlobalVR

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Video: The Act gameplay

October 26, 2007

So I finally managed to get some sound on The Act by hooking up a speaker that I pulled from one of my JAMMA cabinets. I am considering looking for a cabinet to put the game into this weekend but I don’t really have any more space for a cabinet at this point. I found a cabinet at a thrift store today (Time Soldiers) but they were asking $300 for it which was too much. Anyways, here is a video of The Act – I apologize for the horrible sound, all I had was the built-in mic on my digital camera and as you’ll be able to tell, it’s cheap. UPDATE: If you enjoyed this part, also check out another more interesting part of the game where you actually steer Edgar through a chase scene, physically controlling the movement of a cartoon character.

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