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More Guitar Hero cabinets from Brazil

August 12, 2010

During my recent trip to Brazil I came across a number of Guitar Hero cabinets, produced by Brazilian game distributor Diverbras. I also came across a Rock Band 2 cabinet and a couple of different Street Fighter IV setups. None of them are authorized by the parent companies but those companies haven’t seemed compelled to take an issue with these creations and that of course is leaving the door open for others to try the same thing. Enter Master Play, another Brazilian distribution company and cabinet builder, who has a couple of Guitar Hero cabinets of their own to offer. They also have produced cabinets for a soccer game called Arena Gol, but the site doesn’t show the actual game and whether it’s based upon their own software or someone else’s.  I have a hunch that they produced some cabinets that I came across when at a mall there, as I found some unique JAMMA cabinets that had 32″ LCDs and were plastered with artwork that seems to fit the Master Play style.

I hope that eventually these companies can layoff of producing such bootlegs and come up with their own software or get a Brazilian software company to produce something for them. Or just stick to building stylish JAMMA cabinets.

[Master Play website]

É RoboGol!

August 7, 2010

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We have covered a couple of Brazilian made arcade video games in the past, notably Senninha GP and GP Brasil, both racing titles. I also got a look at several arcades when I made a trip down there earlier this year. This new game however fits more in-line with Brazil’s national passion – futebol (aka soccer). Called RoboGol, it’s a robotic amusement game where four players participate in robotic soccer, controlled by joysticks and buttons. It’s fairly similar to MaruBot Football (which we saw at IAAPA and Amusement Expo) but it uses different controls and the robots themselves are of a unique design. It does come down to control with these kinds of games – from what I played of MaruBot it required a few attempts to get used to how the robots would react. From what I read, it appears that the company behind Robogol is trying to distribute the game into other territories in South America but I can’t find a price on the unit.

Here’s a trailer for RoboGol. The second video is from the popular TV program Globo Esporte where they explain the game a little better – it’s a three button configuration and one button kicks, the other two spin the robot quickly in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The one thing missing from the game is an announcer yelling “GOOOOOOOOOOOLLL!” when a goal is made but I guess they decided to leave that up to the players.

You can find out more by visiting Xbot (creators of the game) or the RoboGol website.

Fliperama Brasil! (my look into a little part of the arcade scene in Brazil)

June 9, 2010

As you may know, I was in Brazil recently and while there I didn’t waste the opportunity to check out some arcades while I was visiting. The best places to look are malls, although you might find some machines hiding out in other places on occasion, such as a bar or strip mall but that is rare in the larger cities. All of the places I visited here were in the greater area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Belo Horizonte is actually the third largest city in Brazil but it’s still quite a bit smaller than the mega-metropolis that is São Paulo and it has no beaches like Rio De Janeiro, which is why you don’t hear about it as often as other cities there.

In Brazilian Portuguese the word for arcade is “fliperama” and a variation on that I have heard people call pinball games just “fliper”. One interesting thing I noticed about most of the places I went to is that for music gaming all of them had a version of Pump It Up somewhere on location. A soccer game like Virtua Striker was a given but I also was quite surprised by the number of Guitar Hero 3 arcade machines I saw. These are not the Raw Thrills’/Konami/Activision machine that was released last year but the console versions of the game modified for arcade use. I also saw a Rock Bad 2 machine setup like that as well as a couple of Street Fighter IV machines. I have video and more details on each location right after the post break


Senninha GP video

February 2, 2008

Thanks for poster legionaryu for pointing this out. It’s a video from the new Brazilian arcade title Senninha GP. Graphically it carries the look of a cart-style racer from the last generation of console games. Interestingly enough they released the trailer with an English translation so could this mean that they might export this to countries outside Brazil? We can only speculate at the moment but it seems like a possibility. Either way I’ll be keeping an eye out for any other new games to come from DiverBras.

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Another arcade game from Brazil – Senninha GP

January 26, 2008

It had been a while since I had checked out the Brazilian arcade scene as it seemed to be at a standstill. I couldn’t find the indication of any other developments beyond GP Brasil, the only other arcade game made in Brazil so I simply forgot about it until today. And I was happy to find that another arcade title made solely in Brazil is set for a release next month and this time by a major Brazilian distributor DiverBras. The game is called Senninha GP and has been designed for both kids and adults as a racing game that takes many of the primary elements of Mario Kart and puts them into an arcade -style Formula 1 racer. Yes the chances of this seeing an international release are essentially 0 but I felt it is worth mentioning anyways (since I don’t often get to use my Portuguese for arcade gaming and it is an arcade game nonetheless).

Graphically it’s hard to say how the game really appears in motion – from the still shots it’s obvious that it is a little cutesy as it uses a cartoon character called Senninha as thesenninha2.jpg protagonist for both the game and the cabinet artwork( the cartoon character is based upon a real life Brazilian F1 racer also known as Ayrton Senna who died in 1994. A charity foundation was later created in his name and the proceeds of Senninha GP will be going to this charity) . There are several different cabinets that they will release the game in, using a standard, deluxe and kids-ride style (that a typical adult can fit into with a little trouble) type release for each cabinet. The game includes a boost feature and weapons that can be used to attack other players (ala Mario Kart) and it does not include a stick shift. Senninha GP is slated for a general release in Brazil in February 2008.

For those Portuguese speakers out there I decided to translate my post into Portuguese for the heck of it, so hit the post break if you’d like to read the same thing but in a different language. Also below are some thumbnails of the various cabinet configurations.

senninha1.jpg senninha3.jpg senninha4.jpg

[Info and pics via Hardgamer] [Discuss on the Forum]