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Space Ace heads to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray this April

February 6, 2008


When Dragon’s Lair was released on the new high-definition formats several months ago, we already knew about the development of Space Ace as well as Dragon’s Lair 2 for these same formats but we didn’t know when they’d be ready. Digital Leisure has announced that they will be bringing Space Ace to both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on April 8th with an MSRP of $29.95 (lower than what they charged for Dragon’s Lair).

According to the available information, the game will look and play the same no matter which format you choose to go with (in glorious high definition with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German) and they’ll even include similar features including a PiP commentary and a Watch Mode where you can watch the whole game play out without actually playing it (in case you were never good enough to get very far on this game) although the HD-DVD version gets a one-up on the Blu-Ray version thanks to the standard web connectivity. In a first for either format, the HD-DVD will allow users to play “Head 2 Head” via their Leisure Online service and apparently multiple players will be able to play the game simultaneously. Blu-Ray misses out on this opportunity due to the fact that web connectivity is not a standard amongst all players as it is with HD-DVD (I guess this sort of thing happens when you rush your product to market unfinished). So due to this feature (where otherwise everything else is the same between the two) it sounds like the HD-DVD is the better deal no matter which side of the whole “format war” you find yourself on. But I don’t know how this type of game will work out online as it never was designed as a 2 player game so we’ll have to wait and see how it plays.

[Space Ace HD WideScreen trailer (WMV format) ]

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Space Ace HD coming this fall to PC, coming next year to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

October 8, 2007

Digital Leisure has announced the release of Space Ace HD for PCs, with a release set forsahdpc_large.jpg sometime in 2008 to the new optical formats HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Thanks to modern technologies the game has been fully remastered in 1080p, with a new 5.1 surround sound channel mix. Also improved (like with Dragon’s Lair HD) are things such as response time, allowing for a more seamless experience. All versions will also include a new making-of featurette with Don Bluth, the games animator and watch mode, where you can just watch the game unfold (in the correct manner) and enjoy the high-def experience. It appears that all versions will retail for a somewhat steep $50 with the PC version coming in November and the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray versions coming ‘sometime in 2008’.

What would be interesting is if they could release some sort of coin-op kit with the new versions in hand. I think having an HD version of Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace at the arcade itself would turn a few heads and provide a truly authentic arcade experience (as no matter what they tell you, playing games made for the arcade can never be experienced in just the right manner at home). Of course these games have been released on so many different consoles at this point that it’s probably known less as an arcade game by your average gamer. Digital Leisure also plans on brining Dragon’s Lair 2 to all of these formats sometime next year, so we’ll have to wait on that one.

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