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Seen at Hollywood Bowl, UK – Beatbox Recording Studio

July 20, 2010

(Thanks to Kieran for the tip and photos)

You might recall that back in 2009, Raw Thrills had been looking into releasing an American Idol game, where a person would record themselves singing, being put into a video and having that video sent via e-mail or burned to a DVD. That game was canceled but it appears that someone liked the idea enough to produce something similar to that – minus the American Idol theme of course. Called the Beatbox Recoding Studio, one cabinet has been seen at the Hollywood Bowl Arcade in the UK and AH reader Kieran was kind enough to drop by and snap some pictures of the cabinet. As you can see, users make a video of themselves singing, just like the AI arcade, and it can be burned to a CD as well as a copy of the video sent to your cell phone. One thing we aren’t sure of at the moment is who it is that made this(and whether this is actually a location test or not), but when we find out, I’ll be sure to update the post.

For more pictures, including pics from inside the unit, check the post break.