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Sega launches Patrol-Chaser & Battle-Police duo in Japan

September 7, 2009



While we don’t see as many arcade titles that are created just for kids like we used to, there are still a few that are coming out to attract younger audiences. Sega in particular has been looking to strengthen their hand in this segment of the market in Japan and they have just released two games which are aimed at doing just that. Both games share a similar police theme but one is a chasing title (sort of like Taito’s Chase HQ2) called Patrol-Chaser and the other one is a mounted light-gun game called Battle-Police. They are housed a smaller cabinet size than normal and they also vend cards for players to use. It would be interesting to see if they try this idea en masse in other territories outside of Asia, with “kid vending” style games gaining popularity it could be likely but like many things we will just have to wait and see.

[Official site for Police Chaser / Battle Police] [Image and more details via Gpara]