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Arcade auction in North Carolina draws some nice attention from local media

October 10, 2009



Arcade auctions are always great places for, collectors as well as current or prospective operators to obtain some great games for a decent price and this particular auction, which happened today looks like it offered some great deals on a number of good games. The games at this auction came from a restaurant in North Carolina that shut down about a year ago and I am surprised by everything they had there as you don’t normally expect restaurants to carry some of these games. You can see more at this video here (warning: cheesy spot with a reporter acting like he’s playing Rolling Extreme) or at the article on

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Auction clears surplus arcade games in California

October 29, 2007


[Via The Californian, pictures by Steve Thornton]

It’s hard to keep up with all of the different auctions that sell arcade games – generally it’s not newsworthy unless a lot of games go up for sale or something incredibly rare is sold. Well this news is about the former, with an auction in California on Saturday selling 492 games (which includes pinball tables).

This auction included some pretty nice games as well as rare ones such as Guns N’ Roses pinball and there is a picture there of a Black Knight pin. As usual any Pac-Man related games were quite popular but the article I came across didn’t mention much about any other arcade games. Perhaps if one of our readers happened to be at that auction they could fill us in on anything else the news article missed. 😉

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