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Who is up for an Arcana Heart Vs. Blazblue game?

April 1, 2010

While Vs. Fighting games which bring two different licenses or fighters together are nothing new in the arcade industry, when a new one happens it usually causes a stir of excitement simply because it usually brings fans from both sides together to play the game. Capcom might be known for doing most of these kinds of fighters, as we have seen with the Marvel. Vs. Capcom series, or Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and other have done it to, including SNK.

So what would happen if developer Examu, who has a few fighters under their belts, decided to combine two of their popular fighters together? We might be getting just that with Arcana Heart Vs. BlazBlue game that the company is teasing about now. I say might due to the image above – I’m not sure if they are simply throwing the idea out there to see what fans think or if they already have something in the works. Either way there is no word on how the game will play out exactly if they decided to do it – as I still haven’t played BlazBlue yet, I don’t know how close it’s fighting system and style are to Arcana Heart’s but I imagine that it would be easier to pull this idea off than it would be to do a Virtua Fighter Vs. Tekken game (which BTW, I wonder if Namco/Sega gave up on that idea?).

[Arcana Heart Vs. BlazBlue – Examu blog] [AH VS BB on Arc System Works] [Via AM-Net]

It also looks like this isn’t the only VS. game being ‘announced’ in Japan today. 😉

Aaron Auzins found this out about the game: