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Looking for an arcade near you? Try Arcade Finder

June 30, 2008

[Via Arcade Renaissance]

Many have tried, few have succeeded when it comes to creating websites that keep track of locations where you can find arcade titles. I know I’ve thought of doing it before but I’ve never had the time/resources/etc to do it right. But there is a new website called Arcade Finder that looks like it will finally get this going right by offering an open source system that will list the arcade locations, what games they have on site, their addresses and even a map on how to get there from your location via Google Maps. Since the site is brand new it only has 30 locations at the moment but it’s a nice start and as long as it is continuously updated (which is always a problem with these arcade sites – they get going and then are given up on as they are a one-man show) then it will be an awesome resource to use. They do emphasize that they are for finding classic arcades though so I hope that they would be open to the idea of listing arcades that have new games as well as old ones.

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