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Report from Street Fighter IV tournament @ Arcade UFO

February 27, 2010

At Arcade Heroes, we often say that there’s nothing like standing with another player and competing side by side, and arcade gaming is still the best way to do this. Technology has brought us the wonders of online gaming and voice chat, but the feeling of being able to shake your opponent’s hand at the end of a hard-fought match is something that you can’t replace. As a result, it’s great when we see other people pushing the merits of arcade competition – in this case, Jason Witmer of Accent Online. He attended last Saturday’s two-on-two Street Fighter IV tournament with a friend, and took the time to write up the experience for Accent.

The piece focuses primarily on the author’s experience of the tournament, but it covers the general themes of competitive gaming well. He mentions the anxiety prior to a match, the diversity of the competitors, the unique atmosphere of tournament play, and general sportsmanship and supportiveness of the community surrounding the game. While I’ve never competitively played Street Fighter, these are familiar to me as they are experiences which cut across all kinds of competition, be they sports, martial arts, table top games or arcade games. As a result, it’s an excellent read for anyone who is interested in competitive arcade play at any level.

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Arcade UFO wins Strides Save the Arcades 2008 competition

October 19, 2009



Stride Gum’s Save the Arcades competition is now over and they have announced a winner. Where there were four arcades across the US to choose from, one walked away with the $25,000 prize and that was Arcade UFO in Austin, TX. When you look at the final votes it appears that StarBase Arcade in San Fransisco, CA was fairly close to first place, with Star Worlds Arcade and Game Galaxy coming in a distant 3rd and 4th place, respectively.

As to what Arcade UFO will do with the prize money, we don’t know that yet but if you look at their current game selection they already have a number of high-profile games available so it should be both interesting and exciting to see what they will be able to do with this. We extend our congratulations to Arcade UFO and hope that they will be able to continue to provide not only a great venue for players to hang out at but to stand as a great example for others out there to look to. Also our thanks once again to Stride Gum for this undertaking. It is notable however that Stride is not finished here – they have announced that starting next month they “…will ask gamers to nominate the arcade they think is worthy of the next Save the Arcades crusade.” which will happen sometime in 2010 under the name “Save the Arcades 2”.

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