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Arcade Heroes Podcast #8 – Discussion and new details on Dark Presence +more w/ Aaron Auzins

September 30, 2009

Here is the next podcast and joining me this week was AH contributor Aaron Auzins. Aaron had the opportunity to visit a few arcade related sites in Chicago in August and in addition to visiting the Gameworks there and checking out several great games (including the new Sega Card Gen), he also had a chance to visit Galloping Ghost studios and see what is going on darkpwith the new fighter Dark Presence. If you want to hear some interesting and exciting details on this game, download the podcast.

In addition to that we also discussed the big news items from the past couple of weeks including the SFIV update (which we have now found out will not be getting any arcade love – thanks for being jerks Capcom!), Sega Racing Classic, the JAMMA show, some pinball talk and more. It’s almost two hours worth of discussion, with most of it on Galloping Ghost and Gameworks so we hope you enjoy it!

Download the podcast here! (192MB)

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