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Last Stinger Report of 2007 – Good marketing tactics

December 22, 2007

The last Stinger Report for 2007 arrived in my e-mail today and I have to really give props to The Stinger Report for their hard work and excellent writing all year round and I look forward to more in 2008.

The last Stinger of 2007 discusses an important topic – in fact they call it a hot topic. EVERY ONE IN THE INDUSTRY SHOULD READ THIS STINGER. Why? Because the coin-op industry really sucks at marketing itself. This stems from the marketing being left up to the operators themselves – yes there are coin-op industry organizations but they have been ineffective in getting the word out until recently. And most operators seem to have ignored taking any marketing classes so they don’t know or don’t bother to get the word out. One case in point, out of the 10 or so arcades within a 25 mile radius of my home, I think I have seen less than five ads throughout the entire time I have lived here (most of my life). They just want to rely on word of mouth and nothing more and frankly, that is the most foolish way to get the word out about arcades. Practically no one on the street knows anything about new arcade releases and if those games are available at an arcade near them but they will probably know a good deal about console or PC releases. The coin-op industry needs to change the way it markets itself. Game developers need to work harder on getting the word of their games out to the market. It’s strange since most of these companies seem to market very well in the console sector – why similar techniques can’t be applied to arcade titles in this day and age is beyond me (it’s not the 90’s anymore!). Either way, hit the post break for the rundown on the Stinger’s suggestions for better marketing of the coin-op industry for 2008. Because if you operate an arcade, you can’t rely on others (such as developers/distributors/trade organizations) to market your business for you. And the best part about these suggestions: they’re practically free to do!