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Arcade-in-a-box Tournament Center opens in Tuscon, AZ

September 17, 2009



If you are looking to open up an entertainment business, whether it is an arcade or something similar, one modern twist on the coin-op arcade center model is to open a place where people can come and play console games, without the need of coin-operated mechanisms to control the way a game is played. These seem to be gaining some popularity as we have reported on such places in the past although one thing I have wanted to find out is how well such places do after the grand opening, which is not something we see reported frequently.

Either way, a new gaming center following this model has recently opened in Tuscon Arizona called Arcade-in-a-box Tournament Center where they let people play from a variety of games on all of the consoles that are available on the market at this time. They charge an hourly rate which is tracked by a customer card system and for fighting fans they also provide custom arcade-style sticks on which to play. Then even have two arcade cabinets which run emulators for access to many classic arcade titles and to top it all off they hold weekly tournaments (with prizes to win of course). More info can be found on their website and in the press release you’ll find after the break.