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A New JVS multicabinet – the GBalance

May 24, 2008

I wish we would see more cabinets (that aren’t for MAME projects) being sold in the US. Perhaps I’m out of the loop on the subject of cabinets and I can’t speak for abroad but here it would be nice. I have a number of JAMMA kits laying around and I have needed to find any old, slightly worn cabinet I can to get them into when it would be better to get a new cabinet that affordable but nice. Take for instance the new JVS multicab called the GBalance – it’s sleek, sports a high-res 32″ 16:9 monitor and can house TypeX, Lindbergh and of course JAMMA kits inside. It even features an upconverter for JAMMA, which I assume means that it will upconvert the resolution of your old games to sweet, sweet HD. It’s basically the modern JAMMA cabinet that can sport other boards. I don’t know the price on these yet but it is tempting to want to import these a few of these for my own purposes.

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