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Blazblue Continuum Shift II trailer

September 15, 2010

Arc System Works has released a trailer for their upcoming fighter, Blazblue: Continuum Shift II, where it showcases a few of the new characters that will be joining the roster. Unfortunately the video quality isn’t that great, which is strange since it’s coming directly from the company itself and BBCS2 is an HD title.

We all know about BBCS2 being the essential “launch title” for Taito’s new digital distribution service, NESiCAxLIVE and I’ve found out a few more details as to how that works. If an operator wants NESiCA, they need to purchase a server for 89,000¥ (about $900). Then as I understand it, they can then purchase something like BBCS2 online for a few hundred dollars less than a PCB (ex. BBCS2 is about $2000USD digital, abt $2300 PCB), although you will need Type X2 board to load the software onto. Taito mentions that some services will be free on NESiCA, others will cost a fee and playing a game downloaded via NESiCA is one of those activities that will be fee-based. It’s comparable in this manner to the CoinUp side of the Big buck Hunter games – the game let’s you pick between an online and an offline mode, if the player wants online then the cost of that is higher by a couple of coins. The big question is how will players take to that extra fee on NESiCA?

Arc System Works to release BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II this winter

August 26, 2010

Despite all the love that fighters get with 3D graphics these days, there are a few games which still stick to the genres 2D roots and it’s even better when they stick to the genres arcade roots as well. One of those games is the BlazBlue series by Arc System Works. I’ve actually had a number of requests for a BlazBlue arcade title at my own arcade as the there is one decent side-effect of an arcade game getting the console treatment and that’s potential player awareness. So it won’t be a surprise when Arc System Works takes their latest arcade announcement and gives it all sorts of love and support in a console release just a short time from the arcade release. That release would be the new Blazblue: Continuum Shift II which will making it’s first public debut at the JAMMA show next month. While few details have been given on the new title, we know it will still run on Taito’s Type X2 hardware; it will keep the 2D graphics style; it will have an 8-way joystick w/ 4 buttons and it comes out this winter at an undetermined price. They also will be including a new character that has been released as DLC for the console versions of the game.

I wonder what kind of support the company will be giving the game internationally as with the first BlazBlue they had sent kits to sell in the US and Europe but with Continuum Shift I didn’t hear of the same effort being put forth for the arcade version. It’s one of those things we’ll have to wait and see on.

[BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II anouncement]

Source: AM-Net

UPDATE: Also more at Japhei Game Blog

Arc System Works wants you to go dragon hunting (in Japan)

March 18, 2009



Another cool terminal game is hitting the arcades in Japan, this time it is Dragon Hunter by Arc System Works (same company that brought us BlazBlue). This title is not a fighter but a cutesy RPG-style game with a pretty cool cabinet environment, where the game terminals sit inside of a larger enclosure that gives players quite a large screen to play together on that they label the “Attack 180” as it gives you a screen that wraps 180° around the players. It appears that the game is made for 1-5 players and while the rest of the information on the game is in Japanese, it looks like a dh16pretty cool game that will garner a bit of attention, just don’t expect to see it outside of Japan very often.

I have wondered how a terminal style concept could be adapted for other markets – such a thing would have to market to hardcore console or PC players to gain any traction as such games would probably be too complicated for many casual players you typically see in arcades to wrap their heads around. Still, the possibilities for what can be done with such setups are many.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Aaron Auzins of, here is a better idea of what this game entails. He translated the PDF we have linked below and passed along the following about the game:
The included flier goes through the general information for the game and serves as an advertisement for the game’s location testing at Mori
Fantasy Ion Reikutaun Ltd. in Koshigaya. The testing began on March 14 and is set to run through March 31 on the location’s third floor.

Dragon Hunter is a collaboration with another company, which develops 360-degree stereoscopic vision theater systems, explaining the
technology used in the game. Arc System Works is claiming the title to be the world’s first commercially-released 180-degree multiplayer
interactive action machine. “Action” may be too simple of a description, though, as the company actually lists the game’s genre as
“nonstop high-speed action attraction.” As such, we should be expecting huge things from Dragon Hunter, especially since Arc System
Works is suggesting a 200 Yen cost per play, which given current conversions amounts to a hefty $2.13 US or 1.55 EU per game. Ouch.
And here I thought $1.00 US per game was a little bit of a stretch.

Obviously, as seen in the promotional photos, the attraction houses five players at a time and Arc System Works is actively aiming to
attract a younger crowd and it openly encourages parents to play the game with their children. At each station, players will find a touch
panel display, an eight-way joystick and two buttons. While I couldn’t find any description of the touch panel’s functionality, one
of the console’s buttons launches your character’s attack, while the other activates a defensive maneuver to avoid attacks coming at you.
After depositing one’s money, the game allows the player to decide on a character, the color of their equipment and clothes as well as the
character’s dragon color schemes and players can also name their character. Dedicated players will be able store their results data on
a “Dragon QR card,” which can be placed into the unit to restore the data such as the character’s customization, stats, furthest game play
point reached, etc.

Right now, Arc System Works is shooting for an April release for the
game, but the date is still tentative.
[Dragon Hunter site] [Product PDF] [More info: Game Watch] [Discuss on the Forums]

Arc System campaign for BlazBlue to get it into as many arcades as possible

August 17, 2008

[Thanks to Jared Rea for passing this along]

Arc System Works’ wants their new arcade fighter BlazBlue to be a success and they mean it. So much so that they are asking for players who want to play the game to send them information about a local arcade of theirs so Arc System can contact that arcade and see what can be done to get BlazBlue on that location. It sounds like a lot of work but it sure is a nice breath of fresh air when you consider that a few other companies with fighting games simply pass the fighter arcade scene off as dead so they will do nothing about it. From Jared Rea’s page, here is a quote from Arc System Works’ that is wanting to make this all happen:

I do feel some of you may not have an arcade near you, however, here’s where you guys step up and help the scene. If you have a arcade near you and you know they may not know about BlazeBlue, please let me know by sending me a PM, emailing me, send a bird out with a note, whatever it takes and I’ll personally call that arcade and I’ll work it out with them on getting a blazblue board or cabinet. This is our chance folks, to try to broaden this release beyond just the usual arcades. Granted, I can’t promise all arcades will take them, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know, right?

They are willing to do this for the US and even in South America, no word on if they’ll try it at the UK too but I think it’s great how they are trying to involve players in getting the game out there. If you have an arcade or other location friendly to coin-op games nearby where you would like to see BlazBlue, drop Aksys a line ( with as much information about the place as possible (name, phone, e-mail, mailing address, etc.) so they can get in touch with them.

[Discuss on the Forum]

BlazBlue on Japanese location test

June 13, 2008

BlazBlue location test noticeBlazBlue is one of those fighting games which seems to have gotten a little lost in the shuffle – not surprising when you consider the big name fighters that have been announced and released this year, but a shame regardless. In case you’d forgotten BlazBlue is being developed by Arc System Works, the development team behind the Guilty Gear series, and is a high resolution 2D game on Taito’s Type X2 board. If you’re in Japan and want to check the game out this weekend, it’s out on location test from today in two arcades: the GIGO Ikebukuro in Tokyo (until the 15th) and the Chateau Kyobashi EX in Osaka (until the 16th).

[Official announcement] [Discuss on the Forum]

Some news from games in Japan

April 3, 2008

A bit of Japan news here (which as always we must keep in mind that something here may or may not show up outside of Japan although we always hope that it will), first with a lookpopnmusiccab.jpg at another Bemani title from Konami known as Pop N’ Music Party, this is #16 I pic2.jpgbelieve and includes more than 700 songs, with 40 new songs being added to the game along with new characters. The cabinet certainly is colorful and eye-catching, I’d like to see this game being played at least. Speaking of that I believe that it was an earlier Pop N’ Music game that was featured in a popular video that has made the rounds around the internet for a few years, the control panel looks similar but I have never played Pop N’ Music (imports are hard to come by where I’m at).

Also we have an update to the popular technical racer from Sega, Initial D4. While it is not entirely clear what the full details are regarding this update, it’s obvious that it includes some new cars and some improvements to the overall balance of the game. I was hoping to see this at ASI as I don’t know of any arcade near me that has an ID4 unit. Either way the game continues to look great and any improvements to the gameplay to what is already considered a great game deserves a thumbs up.

pic1.jpg pic5.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg

[The above via Ge-Sen and The Stinger Report]

Also there has been an update to the website for the new arcade fighter Blazblue that includes 2D character artwork against 3D backgrounds. They have posted a video there that shows more of the in-game action but I don’t know if the video is anything differentbblue.png from what was shown in AOU. I think that it looks pretty good and should please fans of these kinds of fighters that love to throw all these over-the-top effects on the screen with the moves. But they also have posted a PDF that shows the move sets for four of the characters.

[BlazBlue Official Website]