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A look at BlazBlue from AnimeExpo

July 8, 2008

One of our forum members, PhilVer 0 had the opportunity to go to AnimeExpo in LA last weekend and check out the location test of the new arcade fighter BlazBlue by Arc System Works. They weren’t allowing pictures to be taken but he managed to get a couple taken without getting kicked out. The game is still incomplete (they said about 60% done) and to not expect it until early next year (“maybe Spring ’09”). To quote Phil directly:

The game is not balanced yet and its only 60% complete. Noel is top tier as well as a few others. Can this game be consider cheap when it comes to some characters? Yes, since you can continue attacking characters when they’re on the ground I believe infinities are possible can Noel is one of those characters you can do it with real easy.

The game is [Guilty Gear] like I said and hopefully they’ll fix the problems with the game by time of the release. This game in my view is going to be a hit, and if they fix the problems it will be a bigger hit.

He also mentions that it runs on WIndows Vista, which is new for Taito to try out as previously they were using a modified version of WinXP on the TypeX2 hardware. In addition to BlazBlue showing up at the expo, they also had Battle Fantasia (which will be coming out for the Xbox 360 and perhaps the PS3) and GG Overture up to play at the Expo. After this showing of new fighters do you think it will continue the push towards more fighters coming along from other companies?

For more, check out the post about BlazBlue on the forum.

Fighter mania continues with BlazBlue

June 24, 2008

The notion that no one wants to play fighters in the arcade anymore is silly. Apparently Capcom and Namco thinks so when it comes to the US but I have noticed a very interesting trend in my two weeks of running the arcade – there are a lot of fighting fans out there who want to play fighters in arcades, even if they can get them at home. I had a lot of people ask about Marvel VS. Capcom so I looked into it, found one and it’s arriving today. I’ve been a little surprised by the thirst for fighters as it is still quite strong and in Japan developers seem to realize this but in the US they seem to ignore it for the most part, hence the official lack of Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV to the streets (of course the outrageous price tags don’t help either). At the very least we’ll be seeing Dark Presence from US developer Galloping Ghost later this year but beyond that the fighter scene was looking grim outside of Japan.

Until now that is. Fortunately there is another developer who is going to test out their new fighting game here in the US, as Kotaku reports, Aksys Games will be testing out their new and highly anticipated fighter BlazBlue at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles from July 3rd to the 6th. I had thought that this would only be seen as an import here but I’m glad to be wrong on that. Hopefully the game will test well, find distribution and come out at a reasonable price. If they need another location to test at, I’d be happy to host it for a couple of days as being a location tester would be very cool.

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