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First shot of Sega Card Gen as seen at AMOA 09, also w/ a pic of Twisted

October 17, 2009


We reported a little while ago that one new title that would be seen at the recently passed AMOA 2009 show in Las Vegas was Sega’s new foray into coin-op card gaming, Sega Card Gen. But until now, we have not seen any useful pictures from the show but thanks to a link posted on AM-Net, we finally have a decent look at the game. In case you missed the news on this one, Sega Card Gen makes use of specialized baseball cards which are dispensed by the machine and then can be used by the player to play through a little game of touchscreen baseball. One reason why this is coming through a Japanese site is because it was recently announced that Sega is currently location testing this game in Japan and there has been a little bit of excitement regarding the matter on Japanese arcade sites. The game had seen some testing at the Gameworks in Chicago, IL, which you can hear more about on our most recent podcast. Probably one of the nicer things about this title is that it’s something different and Sega’s revelation on this one has already caused one company to import a card-playing arcade title of their own to the US.

As for Twisted, the new racer by GlobalVR, the one pictured above is the mini-motion configuration, which has now appeared on some arcade distributor websites with a price around $10k (the standard 32″ version going for about $6k)

Sega debuting MLB Card Gen at AMOA 2009 (updated)

August 18, 2009


It looks like Sega is ready to try out coin-op card video gaming again in the US as they have announced that they will be debuting their Sega Card Gen title which features an MLB (Major League Baseball) license. Here are some more details from the press release:

Sega Card Gen is a unique baseball themed cabinet with a touch screen panel and a card reading playing field that dispenses a customized MLB player card with every play. Players set their MLB cards on the playing field and play baseball by pitching and batting as well as seeing highlights of a realistic baseball game. There are over 300 different kinds of cards so play the game to collect and customize your ultimate team! This baseball card game is sure to be the eye-catching game at the show, coming to your location spring 2010!

I already know that the game is testing at a Gameworks in Illinois (we just heard about it a day ago or so but without many details) but they sound quite confident that this will be coming along next year so it must be testing pretty well. I do find games like this interesting in part because they are very unique and there are a substantial number of people out there who love both card gaming and video gaming. Unfortunately we do not have a good look at the cabinet right now but I imagine that Sega will be releasing some higher rez pictures very soon.

UPDATE: Aaron Auzins had a chance to see the game on test at Gameworks recently and here is what he had to say about it:

As for MLB Card Gen, it’s kind of interesting there is nothing online that I can find for it.  It’s testing through August at the GameWorks location in the Chicago area (601 N Martingale Rd # 115; Schaumburg, IL 60173-5909; (847) 330-9675).  The location has two stand-up cabinets hooked together for two-player games and essentially the game breaks down like this:  The title is one of the popular Japanese card+arcade games, comparable to something like Konami’s BASEBALL HEROES.  You purchase cards that are like collectible baseball cards featuring MLB players and form teams that you put in play (nine positions, plus a DH/alternate batter and closing and relieving pitchers) – the cards are placed into stand-up readers based on the position and this places the team data into the game.  After the team input, players play a typical baseball game with a touch screen where pitches are selected and batting is aimed and players also tap on a timing button to add extra power, speed, etc. to pitches and swings.

On another note, Sega will also be showing off Hummer STD at the show, which uses a modified SR3 cabinet. The rest of the titles they are 09lineup_hummershowing have been seen at previous shows or are from their redemption offerings. I will not be able to attend AMOA this year as all of my funds are being put towards my arcade move but we will find a way to get you some information from the show.

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