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The American Classic Arcade Museum and the nostalgia behind classic arcade games

August 6, 2010

Gary Vincent of ACAM

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This subject isn’t anything new but it’s always nice to see an article from a large news organization throwing a positive light onto arcade gaming. This article in the Christian Science Monitor takes a look at the American Classic Arcade Museum and why there is still interest in arcade collecting today.  ACAM is found in the same building as the famous Funspot in New Hampshire and is home to an amazing collection of classic titles. The article gets into the preservation of the classics, how the simplicity of such games creates a lasting appeal and it touches a little on how arcades still maintain a social experience you can’t recreate exactly at home although it then tries to spin online multiplayer & leaderboards as somehow creating that experience. The thought that the only part of the social arcade experience is seeing a high score on a machine is missing part of the point. Playing with people over the internet is not the same thing as playing against an opponent who is standing right next to you. It’s not the same thing to achieve a new high score on a leaderboard at home that no one witnessed and doing a similar thing in public at an arcade in front of people whether they are friends or strangers.

You can read the article here. You can also visit the ACAM website here.

More arcade goodness from PAX East (updated with Wil Wheaton)

April 3, 2010

As I had mentioned a few days ago, we had some more pictures from the PAX East (Boston) event coming up and here they are, thanks to Adam Pfeifer. Most of these are of the ACAM (American Classic Arcade Museum) that was setup at the show which included some pretty rare and fascinating games. He also caught some of the General Computer Corporation panel that was held at the event and a couple of pics of Johnathan Hund playing his creation, Food Fight.

UPDATE: I had forgot to include the pics of Wil Wheaton (you might know him as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation) at the arcade, they are now there towards the bottom

Hit the break below to check them all out.