Retro’s Classic Arcade – Clarksville, TN, USA


UPDATE: As of March 1st 2010, Retro’s is now closed as an arcade spot, they are now focusing on arcade game repairs and sales.

PLEASE NOTE: The following is a review written up by us here at Arcade Heroes which website is not affiliated with Retro’s Classic Arcade. If you want to schedule a party or something dealing with Retro’s, the please contact THEM directly instead of sending your e-mails to the Arcade Heroes site. We are an arcade news website and not the business which we are writing about below. Thanks!

Retro’s Classic Arcade is a new arcade that opened recently in Clarksville Tennessee. Dedicated to classic games, they have a good number of titles that retro game fans should enjoy. They use a payment system similar to other classic arcades are using these days – they charge an upfront admission fee of $6 and set all of the games to free play.

They have many great classics including Tron, Space Invaders (Deluxe), Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Joust, Defender, Atari Star Wars, Robotron 2049, Tempest, Street Fighter II, 1942, Pole Position (cockpit), Frogger, Q*Bert, a row of Nintendo games including Donkey Kong and Popeye and more. Overall, it’s a classic gamers dream and like any new arcade they have more to come as they expand on their ideas. I love how they have a BurgerTime machine right next to the concessions stand, great idea. Check out the pics below(click to enlarge)!

retros3.jpg retros2.jpg retros4.jpg retros5.jpg retros6.jpg retros7.jpg retros8.jpg retros9.jpg retros10.jpg retros11.jpg retros12.jpg retros13.jpg retros14.jpg retros15.jpg retros16.jpg retros17.jpg

Retro’s Classic Arcade is located at 138 University Ave. Clarksville, TN 37040. Thanks to the owner Dustyn for giving us permission to use the pictures and to post about it!

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39 Comments on “Retro’s Classic Arcade – Clarksville, TN, USA”

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  2. Brian Deuel Says:

    Wow! A Sea Wolf machine. I wonder if it actually works, and if so, completely works…

  3. Shaggy Says:

    Ha, I didn’t even catch that, although I should have. AFAIK, everything works but I’m sure that they need to keep maintenance high. It sounds like it’s been pretty popular so far, the owner says that there have been lines of people outside waiting to come in before it opens.

  4. wii_HD Says:

    See they got a Rygar machine.

    My all favourite coin op.

  5. Geo Says:

    after burner one of my favorites…..

  6. Kong of King Says:

    My spouse and I went to visit Retro’s today, and we can report that it is a blast! They have a good system: pay $6 flat fee and play all day. We played some, went to lunch, then came back. Staff is knowledgeable and the environment is fun. There weren’t that many people there, so the conditions were ideal. Lots and lots of all the fun classic games. Clean, easy to get to, etc. Highly recommended. There were a few machines out of commission, but that was to be expected. They were on top of getting them fixed. Had a great time.

  7. G-Freak Says:

    This place is awsome! they’ve got X-box 360 games that you can play,
    and they have a great variety of games. I love going here a lot, and so would you!
    Come on over!

  8. Hey Dorks,
    You all suck at mortal kombat. I am the master. I demand you run retro game tournaments. I love mortal kombat 2

  9. donkeykong Says:

    im going in a few days anyone….
    any comments on how many xboxx gayms ther are ?
    oh and do they have RAMPAGE ?

  10. aaron Says:

    is this place still open???

  11. GG Says:

    Yea its still open we went by there the other day.

  12. the nonpros Says:

    Retro’s is one of the coolest places in Clarksville. I hope that it continues to thrive, since there’s little else like it.
    I do wish it would stay open later on the weekends, as it would be cool to hang out late there instead of at the bar… Not much else to do.
    Anyway, if your in Clarksville area, definitely worth checking out.

  13. Heather Stockham Says:

    I am curious as to if they have any pinball machines at all??? My bf and I are planning a trip from North Carolina and would love to know in advance!

  14. Gayla Says:

    Yes we have pinball machines. Please stop by and see us. We always love it when people from out of state stop in to play.
    Gayla (co-owner)

    • dc Says:

      i didnt see any pinball machines i was there saturday dec,11,2009 for my birthday party and most of the fun games were off. (no offence)

  15. Lil' Ace Says:

    Retros is my favorite place to go when i just wanna have fun and ghill with my friends.

  16. Lord of Sushi Says:

    I just went there today…

    Higly reccomended!

  17. Karri Says:

    Does Retro’s do birthday party packages? If so, cost, etc.? Thanks in advance; we love this place!

  18. Tom Wang Says:

    What are the hours? Do they have high score ladders? Sounds cool though, never enough good arcades especially classic ones. Cheers to Gayla for opening one so close to home.

  19. Beast Says:

    Do they have cranes, claw machines

  20. Clint Says:

    I don’t live in the Clarksville area, but I would love to make the trip someday. Hopefully I can.

    Does this location have their own website?

  21. Flynn Says:

    If you want to see the real thing, go to the 1984 arcade in Springfield, MO. The website for them is and this place is obviously a pale copy of the original.

  22. Chris Pascal Says:

    I am curious of the hours. When do they open in the morning?? Is the Donkey Kong machine working? Im not driving 2 hours to not play the Kong!!!

    • John D. Wilkinson Says:

      Chris, I’ve been to this place many times over the last month and its my favorite arcade. I play DK every time I go and it seems to work fine. It has a slight warp in the screen, but it does not affect game play. I’m actually going tonight. Maybe I’ll see ya there. The hours are 10-10 M-S, closed Sunday. John

  23. reagan Says:

    i am going today

  24. Max Says:

    For anyone traveling to visit, it is worth it. Retro’s has been an awesome hang for me and my friends. Every Friday we would go down for endless fun. HAVE FUN!

  25. Stephanie Says:

    Retros DOES do birthday parties. Still a flat rate of $6/player. Plus all sorts of goodies for the birthday kid! You can also rent out the entire place on Sundays!

  26. Matt Says:

    Would anyone that works at Retro’s mind putting up a list of Machines, including Pinball? I would appreciate it and I’m sure other people would too. If its not too much trouble that is. I’m planning a trip from Georgia with my friends to come up there and spend a couple of days reliving some awesome memories at the end of December and I’d be interested to know what Pinball machines you guys have. Thanks for bringing the Arcade experience back!

    • Clint Says:

      Well, I don’t work there, but I have compiled a tentative list of some of the arcade games that are or have been there. I’m sure the list is either incomplete or outdated, but it’s a start.
      It is located on the Aurcade website which is dedicated to preserving arcades just like this one. If you are a regular customer and know of a game that is not on the list or if a game is no longer there, there’s a place to submit changes.

  27. Joe Says:

    Yes, please do as Matt says. A list of the machines there would be awesome.

  28. Burch Says:

    I went a lot before I deployed, what a great place. I hope someone has beaten my high score on “Joust” so I can thrash it. I have been since I got back, perhaps I will go tomorrow.

    BTB high scores on Joust

  29. bo Says:

    i will be there tomorrow having my 14th birthday day hope its fricken awesome.

  30. Kelly Moberly Says:

    What are the birthday party options? What can I do to have a party at Retros? Thanks

  31. Owen Says:

    I love the place ifI could I would live their. Their is only 1 problem: there isn’t one by where I live. I wish they would either have a comercial or make one in Mount Juliet and I know a place that just might work.

  32. T Says:

    Anyone know if this place is still open? Their website is gone.

    • T Says:

      Apparently it isn’t; there’s a post on KLOV mentioning their liquidation sale a couple of months ago.

      • Keren Says:

        Retro’s Classic Arcade, which was THE BEST party hangout in Clarksville, closed months ago. I heard the owner died & the estate, which was settled by family, did not chose to keep that great place operating for the kids in our community. I will forever miss it as a wonderful spot for my kids to hang out & have awesome birthday parties. They were so good to us always. Now we will not get our money’s worth booking parties at other places. Retro’s Classic Arcade was the best Clarksville had.

  33. Rick Says:

    I have a Chicago coin casino machine and a liberty bell machine that need repair can u help

  34. Austin Says:

    I have a 1975 knockout pinball machine. I’d like to get it in working order! Do you do repairs ?? I live in Clarksville. Thanks !

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