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Park Avenue Open Day – Familiar games as well as brand new ones

June 6, 2008

For an industry that is supposedly dead, it happens to have a lot of official events where new product is being shown. Take for instance the Park Avenue Open Day, which took place a short time ago in the UK. In

addition to showing off some games that we know about already, there also were a number of new games there and thanks to our friend Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, here is a run down of the event:

While the games were inside, one could enjoy the weather outside and network with other people in the

industry. Here is Electrocoin’s (a UK distributor) outside booth. (On all images, click on them to see the full size).

Inside is where it gets interesting however. First off is a new sci-fi themed table for the Virtual Pinball system by TAB Austria. I believe that one distributor in the US carries these and the nice thing about the system is the fact that you can install new table themes. Electrocoin also had Sega Rally 3 on hand (in the picture below it is being enjoyed by the guys at Taito) and it was revealed what the price tag would be for the motion deluxe version of the game (operators might need to brace for a shock): a mere £15,000 ($25,000). Not entirely surprising considering the quality of the game but it still can get to you when you see these high prices. We’ll have to see how much the standard edition goes for.

There’s a lot more to come so I am going to fit it in after the break, hit the link below for a look at a few other new games including a brand new Space Invaders game for arcades by Taito!


Sega ATEi 2008 Impressions

January 24, 2008


(More pictures are after the break)

Let’s start with the big guns, first up is Sega.

The first thing that struck me was the variety of games on offer especially after the recent news that Sega had signed a distribution deal with Trio-Tech. This added some additional games to the blue hedgehog’s stand. Jett Rider and Mad Wave, both simulators, were present as well as UFO Stomper, which we are all familiar with now after it was shown at IAAPA recently. The best game on the Stomper had to be thier take on the Guitar Hero gameplay system, but instead of a guitar, you were using your feet to hit the notes. Other 3rd party games on offer were Coastal Amusements Sea Wolf which was good fun and surprisingly holds up well on it’s own as a video game.

Back to the real video games now and my favourite on the Sega stand had to be Race TV. I’m not so convinced by the single player game, but as always, when it comes to multiplayer Sega knows what it’s doing. In some ways it’s cheap, but the boost system works well in helping you catch up with your rivals. Also, if timed correctly, the boost allows you to smash in to the back of opponents and take them out. The tracks are also incredibly wacky and theres a good selection of licensed cars which is unique for a game like this.

Primeval Hunt impressed me too because it would be so easy for Sega to churn out another run of the mill shooter and for it to do well. But that’s not what they’ve done. The main innovation in this game is the fact that it is set in a free roaming environment and you control your path using a touch screen placed near the gun holsters. It is possible for you to plan out your entire path at the start of the round, this allows you to take out the dinos in a quicker time. Each dino has a vital hit point too, which is pointed out to you at the beginning of the round. Hitting these point brings down the creatures in one shot which is particularly handy when they are charging straight at you! Also they are three choices of weapon, that I saw, and these were; crossbow, shotgun, and rifle which all have the own strengths and weaknesses.

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(More pictures are after the break)


Sega prepping for a huge presence at ATEI

January 3, 2008


ATEI is fast approaching and with we’re beginning to see announcements of what to expect at the show. If Sega’s press release is any indication, this show is going to be huge and fortunately we’re going to have coverage straight from the show so stay tuned to the site around ATEI time.

In the press release Sega is estatic to announce that the final versions of UFO Catcher, Shoot This, Win This, RaceTV and Primeval Hunt, Mini Rider 2 and Sea Wolf will be at the show, along with previously released titles Ghost Squad Evo, Pin Air, Let Me Danceprimeval-hunt-deluxe.jpg and Outrun 2 Attraction. Primeval Hunt has also been confirmed for a general release in February 2008. For the full press release, hit the post break below for all the juicy details which also alludes to a “ground breaking revelation” coming from them sometime early this year (@ ATEI perhaps?) (thanks to Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report and Justin Burke of Sega) [Discuss on the Forum]