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IAAPA Day 2: More Guitar Hero; CSI pinball; NX Absolute; Go Go Jockey; Battle Stations & more

November 20, 2008


Once again thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for getting us this information. I will be talking with Kevin directly later tonight to get some extra details on all the things we are seeing here so that we will fill in the rest of the gaps. Either way, I think it’s clear that for an industry many love to call “dead” there is quite a bit of new content to go around, a little bit more than we’ve seen in previous years. As always, click on the thumbnails for a full view of the picture.

POST UPDATED – New info below

First off, a little extra detail on two games we’ve seen get a lot of attention: Guitar Hero and American Idol. In another surprise for Konami’s part, their name is also on American Idol and not just GH (there had been a rumor to that effect but it hadn’t been confirmed). According to the GH flyer, it will have over 50 songs, 11 playable characters in 8 venues and “Enduro-Ax Industrial Strength Controllers”.  UPDATE: Apparently the build at the show is only 60-70% complete – the final songlist is not complete and the cabinet will be changed for the final release. Here are what the flyers for the games will look like, just poster size. Also pictured is sort of a close up of the guitars, it sounds like GH has been a major hit at the show. Kevin even got Guitar Hero 3 tattooed onto his arm (fake or not Kevin? :P)

ahflyer ghflyer ghplayers konamibooth ghtattoo kevingh

Stern was showing CSI pinball at the show and they also had their Spiderman redemption game there, which we first saw at AMOA. My local distributor tells me that they are expecting to receive a couple of CSI machines within the next few days so I’ll get to check it out soon.

csipin spidermanredmp

Incredible Technologies wasn’t showing any product we hadn’t heard of before there but they had their full line-up of games running on their new pedestal cabinet that looked nice.

itgames gtlive09

We mentioned Andamiro’s NX Absolute yesterday and today we have pictures of it. There were two versions of it there, a standard and deluxe. Not much else on this one though.

nxabsol1 nxabsol2 nxabsol3 nxabsol4

Next up, something from Tecway Developments. They are bringing Go Go Jockey to the US which is another game they showed off at the GTI Expo 2008 in Taiwan. This is a horse racing/riding game where you sit on a horse controller. I also believe that the next two pictures are from some redemption product in the Tecway area.

gogojockey tecstuff dsc01133

This next game is IGS’s answer to Sea Wolf called Battle Stations. It has what looks to be a periscope kind of controller and at least in the picture below it seems like the graphics are pretty nice. The game is polished and even includes boss battles at the end of each level, it also uses a different torpedo system than Sea Wolf does. While IGS generally releases some product to the US through their company American Alpha, this was found at the Smart Industries booth.


We also got two new shots of Trans-Force in action. It reminds me of Galaxian 3 by Namco with the multiplayer space shooter theme. It can house up to six players, each with their own contoller that moves gun turrets around on a space ship. On top of it having great graphics, the game also uses a motion base to enhance the experience further. This is being made by a Russian company who specializes in simulators.

transforce1 transforce2

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GTI Expo 2008 round up with many new games and SF2 the casino game

May 16, 2008

Sega was not the only company to have an arcade show recently, as the Game Time International Expo 2008 kicked off in Taiwan last week. Thanks to forum user Molloy, he provided us a link to a thread on that featured some pics from the show from a user there named kenji. As always if you want to see the full image, just click on the thumbnails below.

One game that I was particularly interested in was Power Boat by IMOtion. They had a video of the game at ASI (which I have been trying to get a hold of since March) and it definently has changed since then – the cabinet is different and I know that they were working on tweaking the gameplay a little more to make it like HydroThunder. I’m not sure when this will come out but a modern HydroThunder-llike game with a motion base cabinet will probably do well in arcades. Is it me or do these look a little like RaceTV cabinets? Also they have made a new cabinet for Panzer Elite Action. I hope to have some more on Power Boat here shortly.

IGS was there in force, showing off games that I’d love to see them release through American Alpha, their US branch but most likely I’d have to import these games. They had the scrolling fighter Oriental Legend 2 there and Pirate Revenge which we’ve mentioned before. Also Speed Driver 2 was there, one of the few IGS games to use full 3D.

More after the post break including the Street Fighter 2 the Casino game!


Tank Adventure and Drum Party

March 4, 2008

Here are a couple of new games that I discovered via Highway Games, called Tank Adventure and Drum Party respectively. Both games are in development by Tecway Development which is based out of Taiwan. I was a little surprised to see Tank Adventure as I was thinking about tank games recently for a Missing In Action article (which I will do still). From the Tecway site I grabbed a couple of videos of these games in action and while I don’t know how well they will be distributed, they are interesting additions to the arcade line-up. Tank Adventure seems a little unfinished to be honest – from this video the frame rate looks quite choppy but that wouldn’t be the first time someone has released a game to the public with a less than desirable frame rate although it’s quite uncommon to see such a thing in arcades these days.  The cabinet is really cool though and sports a 62″ LCD monitor. Drum Party is another variation of the arcade drumming concept although it’s design could well attract kids.

Tank Adventure

Drum Party

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