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EAG 2010: Show report

January 30, 2010

It’s funny how some memories stick, isn’t it? I had only been to the ExCel Centre in London once before dropping in at the EAG show on Wednesday, for the consumer gaming event GameStars Live in 2004. Somehow though, five and a half years from that event, I was able to perfectly remember the layout of the Custom House DLR station that serves the venue, as well as the vast hallway leading into the main exhibition hall. As it turns out, familiarity would be the key theme which ran through the day.

Wandering around the new show, it seemed very much like the ATEI show I attended last year. Of course, there was no accompanying media registration panic this time, and not having to deal with two areas split across the upper level of Earl’s Court was nice. Getting in was a simple process (though this may have something to do with my late entry), and the staff on hand were nice and helpful. The organisational aspect of the show, given that it was running for the first year, was fine and left me free to use my short time  at the show well.

The striking thing about EAG 2010 is that the exhibitors were, by and large, fairly conservative in their offerings. The standard genres were well-represented: shooting, driving and music games all maintained their popularity, and redemption games were everywhere as usual. However, the commotion caused by fighting games at ATEI in the past (Tekken 6 in 2008, and Street Fighter IV in 2009) was absent, and manufacturers seemed to focus on widening the market for their tried and true hits. Even where unusual ideas were present, such as Giant Tetris, Go Go Grand Prix, and The BishiBashi, an element of familiarity was retained in order to reduce risks – perhaps an effect of the economic situation, which has only grown worse since last year.

All that having been said, the financial pressure ensured that the exhibitors at EAG were fielding a strong line-up of games for 2010, with the best of the last couple of years on show as well as the games which will be taking companies forward. And, having compiled a 1700-word monster report on the show, you’ll need to hit the post break for the detailed EAG rundown!


Taito shows off a new light-gun/music shooter, Music Gun Gun (updated)

August 20, 2009



Taito has another new light-gun shooter that they are showing off in Japan (the other being Elevator Action: Death Parade) and from this recent public demonstration of Music Gun Gun at one of Taito’s arcades in Japan, it looks like the game was interesting enough to grab some attention from the crowds passing by. From all appearances the game looks like it mugevent01will be a shooting gallery style title with different mini-games available to play. As the title of the game implies there is is a musical element to the game as well but at the moment it is unclear as to how that actually works out. For more info on the public event behind this, click here.

UPDATED: Thanks to Aaron Auzins, here is a detailed description of how the game works.

The closest way to describe Music Gun Gun to American audiences would be akin to playing Elite Beat Agents by firing at the screen to activate circular timing markers. Players can choose a song from a menu and the gameplay allows for up to two players to participate in the rhythm-shooting stages. The timing markers appear onscreen with a circular dial on the outside that travels clockwise – if the dial travels the entire 360 degrees, the player misses the “note.” While players are shooting in time to the music, what is actually happening onscreen is players are in pursuit of an “enemy” that throws objects at the players. These timing markers indicate when these items would “hit and damage” the player, so the actual gameplay is in destroying objects hurled at the player, but it is done in rhythmic fashion. Of course, timing comes into play as if players shoot the circle as the projectile reaches the circle (it seems players in the videos are doing this at about 10-11 o’clock clockwise if you can imagine a clock), they receive a “perfect” rating, while being slightly off before or after the timing window results in a “good.”

The August 15 Ikebukuro location event report details a good turnout, with the author of the report being a little worried at first since at the beginning event, there were very few people stopping, but the picture displayed in the Arcade Heroes story shows the eventual evening turnout with many people checking out the game. The two cosplayers are modeled after the in-game characters Tama and Momo.
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New Cyberdiver website also reveals new Taito arcade hardware

May 24, 2009


Taito has updated the website for their upcoming FPS arcade game Cyber Diver and along with a few more details on the game itself they also mention some new hardware that the game will be running on that they are called Genesys. The original announcement for the game did make a mention about “new hardware” although at the time it was not given a name. Even with this revelation there are no details on what Taito will pack into the hardware although the website does include a couple of pictures from the new game which uses the hardware, which you can see in better detail by clicking on the thumbnails below. Note that the pics below are semi-transparent and show some stuff from the website background which is why you’ll see some extra blue stuff in there. So far the game seems to have a little bit of a “Portal” edge to it with the blue-white devices but other than that it seems to be in a place all by itself with the design. Cyberdiver kits will be released later this year and will be used to update Half-Life 2 Survivor arcade cabinets in Japan. It was rare to find HL2 in arcades outside of Japan so we might not see Cyberdiver but we certainly should start seeing the Genesys if Taito decides to replace the Type X2 with it.

cyberdivergfx1 cyberdivergfx2 cyberdivergirl

[Cyberdiver website]

Taito To Bring FPS To Arcades Again

March 27, 2009


Back in 2006 Taito brought out an arcade version of the legendary game Half Life 2. This game was fairly unique as it retained the FPS sytle game play of Valve’s flagship title. This game never really seemed to make it out side of Japan unfortunately.

Will Taito’s latest attempt at an arcade FPS make it over to European and American shores? We will just have to wait and see. Cyber Diver, as it’s being currently called, is an original take on the FPS and supports 5 on 5 network play. Looking at the screen we can see guns and swords and it’s reminding me a lot of Unreal Championship 2 on the original Xbox, but with a more Japanese feel. No mention of a release date yet.

UPDATE: Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report sent us a couple of links on this game, first is the teaser site for Cyber Diver and the other is a PDF describing the game in Japanese. On top of that I took a look at the AM-Net entry of Cyber Diver and they make a note about the Half-Life 2 Survivor cabinet under this game, which hints at the probability that HL2 arcades can be converted into Cyber Divers.

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BattleGear Update

August 16, 2008

Not many details on this but what you’re seeing in the picture here is the new updated Battle Gear racing title. It looks like they took a page from the NASCAR Racing Deluxe that included the rollbars but took the design a step further. Perhaps we’ll find out more after the 24th.

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First footage of Taito’s new Space Invaders: Beat The Attackers

June 19, 2008

We first saw Taito’s new Space Invader’s based redemption game at the Park Avenue Open Day in the UK a short time ago and now it has been seen on location at the Funland in the Trocadero, London. Thanks to Patrick from Sega for sending us this short video of the game, it should be interesting to see how this takes off as we first saw Sea Wolf be remade into a redemption game and now this.

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First footage of Taito's new Space Invaders: Beat The Attackers

June 19, 2008

We first saw Taito’s new Space Invader’s based redemption game at the Park Avenue Open Day in the UK a short time ago and now it has been seen on location at the Funland in the Trocadero, London. Thanks to Patrick from Sega for sending us this short video of the game, it should be interesting to see how this takes off as we first saw Sea Wolf be remade into a redemption game and now this.

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Lord of Vermilion Release Ceremony at a Taito Game Station in Japan

June 17, 2008

We have known about Square Enix’s latest entry into the arcade market, The Lord of Vermilion for some time now and finally the game has been released in Japan. For those out of the loop on this game, it is an RPG game that uses trading cards as catalysts for what happens in the game thanks to a special board where the cards are laid down. It is like Sega’s Sanguozhi War but if you aren’t familiar with that think of Magic: The Gathering but where the cards actually show their effects in the game when you put them down. It also features online and networked play for a broader experience. The CEO of Square Enix, Hirokazu Wada was at the event to discuss the new game, along with game’s producer Takamasa Shibasaki and director Toshiyuki Uehara. They talked about their experience with consoles helping them shape this game into what it is along with the current difficulties in the arcade market there. We have no idea if Square Enix plans on releasing The Lord of Vermilion elsewhere but it would be cool to see them try it out at the very least.

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Park Avenue Open Day – Familiar games as well as brand new ones

June 6, 2008

For an industry that is supposedly dead, it happens to have a lot of official events where new product is being shown. Take for instance the Park Avenue Open Day, which took place a short time ago in the UK. In

addition to showing off some games that we know about already, there also were a number of new games there and thanks to our friend Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, here is a run down of the event:

While the games were inside, one could enjoy the weather outside and network with other people in the

industry. Here is Electrocoin’s (a UK distributor) outside booth. (On all images, click on them to see the full size).

Inside is where it gets interesting however. First off is a new sci-fi themed table for the Virtual Pinball system by TAB Austria. I believe that one distributor in the US carries these and the nice thing about the system is the fact that you can install new table themes. Electrocoin also had Sega Rally 3 on hand (in the picture below it is being enjoyed by the guys at Taito) and it was revealed what the price tag would be for the motion deluxe version of the game (operators might need to brace for a shock): a mere £15,000 ($25,000). Not entirely surprising considering the quality of the game but it still can get to you when you see these high prices. We’ll have to see how much the standard edition goes for.

There’s a lot more to come so I am going to fit it in after the break, hit the link below for a look at a few other new games including a brand new Space Invaders game for arcades by Taito!


New images and site for Taito's D1GP racer

April 1, 2008


I had been hoping to see a game or two from Taito at ASI (especially Chase HQ2 which I’d really like to try out) but no luck on that front so we’ll just have to wait until they hitcabi_single.jpg arcades. Unless you live in Japan of course, where they make sure to publicize location tests for their arcade games so everyone that has a chance to can go and try it out. D1GP is testing in Japan between the 3rd of April and the 7th so if you’re in the area, you’ll get a chance to try out Taito’s nice looking (and I assume technical) racer. I guess we’ll see this one overseas but like many Taito games it will probably be a little difficult to find.

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