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Report from Street Fighter IV tournament @ Arcade UFO

February 27, 2010

At Arcade Heroes, we often say that there’s nothing like standing with another player and competing side by side, and arcade gaming is still the best way to do this. Technology has brought us the wonders of online gaming and voice chat, but the feeling of being able to shake your opponent’s hand at the end of a hard-fought match is something that you can’t replace. As a result, it’s great when we see other people pushing the merits of arcade competition – in this case, Jason Witmer of Accent Online. He attended last Saturday’s two-on-two Street Fighter IV tournament with a friend, and took the time to write up the experience for Accent.

The piece focuses primarily on the author’s experience of the tournament, but it covers the general themes of competitive gaming well. He mentions the anxiety prior to a match, the diversity of the competitors, the unique atmosphere of tournament play, and general sportsmanship and supportiveness of the community surrounding the game. While I’ve never competitively played Street Fighter, these are familiar to me as they are experiences which cut across all kinds of competition, be they sports, martial arts, table top games or arcade games. As a result, it’s an excellent read for anyone who is interested in competitive arcade play at any level.

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Street Fighter IV PC Dilemma

July 13, 2009


So I picked this up on release a few weeks ago. I’d been waiting for the PC release because I have an X-Arcade stick and was looking forward to having the “arcade experience” at home. Much to my dismay, it appears SF4 only supports keyboard and 360 controllers.  I can assign keyboard buttons to the arcade stick for one player, but not for the other.

Apparently they want to make recreating the arcade set up at home harder than it should be.  In a way I can see why, otherwise it will be quite easy to take a high end PC and build your own cabinet. However this is not want I’m going too. So Capcom, please release a patch and support non 360 arcade sticks, please? Especially my X-Arcade stick!

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Street Fighter IV Sequel?

June 22, 2009



According to a Capcom Japanese Q & A Blog, some hints were dropped that could mean theres a sequel on the cards to the popular arcade and console beat-em up.

Check out the translation of the Q&A over at Shoryuken Forums

When you think about it, it’s hardly surprising. Street Fight IV Turbo? Super Street Fighter IV? or Street Fighter IV Championship Edition if the translation proves correct. What ever it’s name might be, my main question is; will we see an arcade version of this, possibly as a kit? Lets hope so.

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Bid on this custom Street Fighter IV arcade cab for charity

March 2, 2009


You may well be able to get Street Fighter 4 for consoles now, but as we all know here at Arcade Heroesthere is nothing better than the real arcade experience. Well here’s your chance to experience it in your own home with this custom made SF4 cab designed by Meat Bun which comes with the SF4 gameboard. This one off cabinet comes complete with Akuma beads and fog machine! The added bonus of winning this auction is that it’s all for charity too. Happy Bidding

[Street Fighter Arcade Game Cabinet Painted by Meat Bun]

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Big SFIV tourney in Japan with a rumor on SFIV Arcade updates

January 21, 2009



The console release of Street Fighter IV is fast approaching but in Japan the arcade version is not being completely overshadowed, with a big SFIV “convention” that included a huge arcade competition, a look at the console version of the game with the new arcade style joysticks,  some SFIV cosplaying and we’re told some rumors that there will be an update shortly for the arcade version of the game in Japan to include the two new characters that are going into the console version. We’ll see how that pans out but in the meantime, check out the detailing article on Famitsu.

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Capcom: No SFIV Arcade for the US

November 17, 2008

soup_naziI figure it’s good to get this out of the way before the main page is flooded with IAAPA info.  Capcom has come around and made it official – SFIV will not come to arcades in the US. It’s not much of a surprise now since the console release is in Februrary and the only thing they’ve said up to this point is that it’s technically illegal for arcades in the US to have one imported. Their reasoning is that arcades have been dead since 2000 and so it’s not worth their time to sell games players want to the arcades that still are around (with a strategy of forcing arcades to buy two overpriced versions of the same game to play it properly which would have gone down well).  When asked about SFIV helping rejuvenate the scene, the communications director basically stated that the game isn’t that great to do that sort of job, as he apparently paid no attention to the fact that arcades who have (“illegally”) picked up the game have seen a resurgence of people coming in to play. I guess Mr. Kramer just doesn’t get it – arcades are only as strong as the games they have and game history shows that sometimes you only need one big game to get the ball rolling elsewhere – Street Fighter II itself is a great example of that, as are system sellers like GTA or Halo on consoles. Capcom is obviously not interested in doing anything to help out arcades but thankfully we have others who are willing to fill in the void. Of course if arcades saw a major resurgence (with some of the stuff we’ve got coming out of IAAPA) then I’m sure that Capcom would suddenly change their mind but if they did, I wonder how receptive some would be to them after they’ve teased SFIV arcade in the States without the real intention of bringing it over. As they say on the internets, Epic Fail Capcom. Epic Fail.

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Kawasaki Warehouse – Location Report, Japan

October 17, 2008

Wow, I have just got back from Japan and made a fabulous discovery whilst I was there:

Kawasaki Warehouse

This incredible arcade has been built from the ground up to look like a disused, run-down warehouse complete with rusting doors and peeling paint but is in fact a fantastic site with some great games. The site has some neat touches like the front doors that appear to be rusted shut but open when you approach to reveal a red tunnel which looks like a bit passageway to hell. As you approach the second door you are blasted by a smoke machine. Inside the lighting is great (dim but really asmospheric) and flickering neon signs and faded posters cover the walls. The site is over several floors with Bingo (!!!), an arcade and a Darts bar. I have to say I only had a couple of hours free and never left the arcade floor itself.

Amongst the highlights were:

Original Retro cabinets  (All in great working order)

  • Street Fighter
  • Virtua Racing Twin
  • Outrun DLX
  • Hang On
  • Super Hang On
  • Pro Monaco GP
  • After Burner DLX
  • Space Harrier DLX
  • Darius
  • Gauntlet 4 Player
  • Rad Mobile DLX
  • About a dozen cocktail cabinets
  • Daytona 2 (4 Player)
  • Virtua On (Loved this on the Dreamcast)

In addition I got to play some great recent and new games:

  • Street Fighter 4 (Got my ass kicked at least 20 times by some guy!)
  • JuBeat – Really interesting game and very funky cabinet
  • Afterburner DLX (Played it before but never linked)
  • Halflife Survivor (Just couldn’t get used to the controls)
  • Initial D 4 (Good fun!)

If you get the chance I really recommend setting aside a couple of hours and heading over there. It is about 10 minutes walk from Kawasaki train station.